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For unto us a child is born,unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be called wonderful,counsellor,the mighty God,everlasting father,the Prince of peace...
Hello beautiful people,
So I know I've been making noise since the beginning of this month about Christmas and now it's finally here. I hope you're as excited as I am to see yet another Christmas even though I've been seeing some dp's about how some people have never felt 'less christmassy'(how do people even come up with these words?) These feelings definitely vary with people because my sister over here was way too excited about christmas that she mistakenly texted a wrong number of our dstv smart card to my dad to recharge (God bless her eyes)and now a wonderful family is enjoying the subscription without even knowing who did it and she wont stop making noise about how its an act of showing love(believe me if it wasnt christmas i'…

Worthless or Priceless?

Hey guys ;)
So I was going through my archives and I found this post,I actually wrote it for a friend's website a while ago and some of you read it there but there are some others who didn't know about it and I thought it'll be nice to share it right here on the blog. Consider it a bonus post ;) you know I'm nice like that.
So here goes;
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like the whole world is up against you because nothing you ever do is enough for them? Well guess what? You're not alone☺At one point in time in our lives, we've all felt low and downcast because of the negative vibes we keep getting from people.
This in turn affects our attitude to life as well as our productivity because we become so depressed and drained in every way possible; physically,emotionally and even spiritually(let's face it,it takes a lot of faith at that point to talk to God and ours might not even be up to a mustard seedπŸ˜•).
Some people actually begin to dwell…

Show love♡

Hello beautiful people,
Is it too late now to say sorry?cause I'm missing more than just your pageviews..(haha..too much JB in the system)
How was your weekend?mine was eventful and stressful that's for sure,I hope you tried to have fun at least,I mean it's almost Christmas so you should be well 'gingered'.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.
I on the other hand could really use a whole lot of 'ginger' right now cause this weather is so not friendly! and it's not helping at all. I'm talking embarrassing catarrh, 'productive' cough and face reactions :( so bad that I had to go to the hospital
need I say more? (and just incase my mouth put me in a few troubles with you guys,don't forget eez play we were playing that time.)
That aside,
Christmas is this Friday and we couldn't be more reminded about the birth of Jesus, the reason for the season with all of the Carol services,decorations,food,etc. Basically,it's a season of celebration.
As much as we would love to …

Ready or Not?

Hi guys,
How are you and how was your weekend?trust it was fab and turnt and not boring and stressful like my own😝? I was literally singing/screaming all through the weekend,you really don't want to hear how I sound right now(some serious bass sturvs going on) it's all good though,I'm working on it.
Alright Alright Alright, so this past week as I was checking Twitter,(my handle is @luvlymide by the way and I follow back because I'm nice like that😊) a friend of mine tweeted something that really caught my attention and since then it has been going round and round in my head and I thought I'd share with you guys. The tweet was 'Don't be caught practicing when the spotlight beams on you' (very deep abi?). First thing I did when I read it was 'hmmm', you know that one that Yoruba people usually do when they are listening to or watching something very serious, yup that's the one. Now i know somebody might be like it's not even that serious.…

Hello December

Hello beautiful people,
Happy New month!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„oh yeah Christmas is in viewπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ—πŸ–πŸ²πŸœ and I'm so excited!
Just like yesterday 2015 started and now 2016 is so close,I really thank God for everyone in my life including you guys and trust me when I'm counting all my blessings that I received this year,I'll be sure to count you twice because y'all are the best! 😍😍. Looking back at the past months,I can't but thank God because honestly it's been one heck of a ride😝😝 but I can say confidently that this has been one of the best years of my life. I mean it wasn't always smooth,I had my fair share of tears,stress,worries and all but you know what they say 'your darkest hour comes before your dawn' and so I knew God got me and that kept me going.
Some people might be feeling downcast because they feel 2015 came and now it's gradually fading away without anything really changing,well I have good news for you,a lot of things can still happen wi…

To serve Nigeria is not by force!

Hi guys!!!

Yes i'm alive and well, I'm so excited to finally post this because network here is so crappy that I can't even deal. Anyway as most of you know,I'm in the nysc orientiation camp in cross river state. Guys this place is terrible I mean I had to hold my pee for two days straight (wasn't easy at all sha,I almost started crying at some point) because of the condition of the toilets and bathrooms.

On getting to the camp we were told to carry our boxes on our heads and start running, my brothers and my sisters whoever said being small didn't have its advantages is a big liar,once I did my puppy/baby face for the soldiers, they let me go. It was now time for us to carry our boxes on our head and do frog jump,I knew I might not be so lucky this time but then as my father in heaven will have it,it started raining heavily it was at this point that I knew all things were working together for my good πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.

We wake up around 2/3am so as to avoid queue for the …


Hi guys😊 how are you doing today? Great I hope?☺
So I know it's been a whileπŸ™ˆ I have my reasons though, but you know i can't forget this baby ever πŸ˜‰. Anyway as some of you may know, my graduation was yesterday πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸŽ“πŸŽ“ and to the glory of God, it was wonderful and all you remember those my aunties I told you about then? Yeah they came (dont worry there were no geles involved)πŸ˜† it was a still a serious affair though with all the food and sturvs,my dad and my sister were there,my mum and my other siblings couldn't make it though but they were adequately represented.

 At some point, it was kind of overwhelming like I couldn't even believe that I was finally graduating. Prior to the graduation,I had to do last minute shopping because I was so chilled and I thought it was still far!πŸ™ˆlol but I still got nice stuffs anyway (you should know that I won't embarrass you nowπŸ˜‰)
It got to a point that I started asking my friends whether it was wedding we were doing …


This is one question that comes with different answers whenever it is asked. Most people will take it literally and go ahead with telling you their names(which is just safe in my opinion😞),some others will ask you again ' so you don't know who I am?'(oga will i ask if I knew),another person will give you a breakdown of all the titles he/she has ever received(cool story broπŸ™‰),in my secondary school for instance,our chaplain told us to tell people that we are the heritage of the almighty(awesome right?) I know some people are like so we'll be telling everybody that? It's not impossible, try itπŸ˜‰.
Anyway so we know your name,title and all but I'm still asking who are you? (My wahala is plenty yeah?lol). With each passing day we are on a journey of discovering ourselves. For some, it'll be relatively easy but for others it won't be funny(everybody's head is not the same abi?)now this doesn't mean you should give up and become one of those people …

Because I'm happy 😊

Hey guys😊 guess what? I finally got a thousand pageviews and more yesterday,yup that's right and that's excluding my own views *victory dance*πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ I know some people will start asking whether that's why I'm making noise😏 yes o that's why because my own bible tells me not to forget the days of humble beginnings and that is exactly what I'm trying to doπŸ˜†.
I'm actually very grateful to everyone who takes out time to visit this blog and for your constant belief in me,you guys don't know how much it means to me. The comments I get sometimes are just overwhelming and heartwarming (as a baddo I can't cry shaπŸ˜†).
You guys have taken me to the point where if I don't post in a while I start to feel guilty(to think that this all started for fun and just to improve my writing skill).
There was even a time I used to 'yab' people who had blogs because everybody seemed to have a blog then,little did I know I'll also end up having one😊.


Hi lovelies😊, how are you today? I hope your week is looking good already πŸ˜‰? Of course it is😚.
Okay so I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what I'm telling you to run from, well it's something rather serious and it must be treated with that kind of urgency. It's none other than the ever trending abuse in relationships and marriages. Now some people will almost 'chop me raw' by saying running doesn't always solve it because you don't even know whether the next person (in the case of relationships) might be worse,well that's true but at least it's a step ahead.
I've had the opportunity to hear from and read about some people who have been down this road and it really isn't pretty. Most people are quick to judge them not knowing what they're going through and the fact that it isn't reallly easy to get out.These abusers are so mean that the only way they feel good about themselves is by inflicting pain (physically,psychologically,…

Story Story

Hello lovelies, how una dey😚
I know you will say i like to apologise every time but then can it ever be enough? I guess not. So at this point I'll like to apologise for my not-so-regular posting, i mean people have been asking what up with the blog i just have to tell them it's still functioning. Now I'll like to say that as much as i want to I can't promise that posting will be very regular(cos of other things that needs to be done) but one thing I can say is that this blog is here to stay...gbam!😎πŸ’ͺ
Okaayy so if it's not too late, I welcome you all to the month of September πŸŽ‰ I pray that all of your pending blessings will be delivered to you and  also that we will not be victims of this 'ember months rather we will be victors..can i get an amen? Amen πŸ˜‡
Personally,since the month of July it has been really wonderful, the month of august was even more splendid, because it was my birthday month and what i simply asked from God was the best birthday gift ever…


Hi guys 😁 I know it's been a while and i'm really sorry about that 😘, I've been soo lazy and distracted  don't mind me, please find it in your big hearts to forgive meπŸ˜₯ thank you 😍😍😍😍😍
Okay so one of my lazy days I went down memory lane and I remembered something that I'll share with you. When I was much younger and still in primary school, we used to have this event we call character day ( as per tush school na ) where you get to dress up as who you want to be in future and then you tell everybody why you chose that profession and what you'll do when you become that thing. Now on one occasion, I dressed up as a lawyer with my black ' whatever - it's - called ' and my improvised wig, I wish I could find that picture and share it with you guys but then again why would I want to embarrass my fine self? Lol okay moving on, I read out what my mum had written for me and it was beautiful because believe it or not, I made the cover page of the scho…


Okay people, I need you to help to help me out with something. 
So I have stared at this picture for God knows how many times and I can't find nada, all I see is a living room😁 so please If You Happen to See What we Are looking for, kindly point it out.
That obviously had nothing to do with what I'm about to write about (sorry for wasting your time...that's if I did else sorry but not sorry..haha)I remember telling you to watch this space for the rest of the last post, did you wait too long? Nah?
Okay *clears throat* now I know that there are couples who have come back together after they had broken up and that's cool but my dears, if you see that your ex partner has moved on and you are still waiting for the scale to fall from their eyes, you just might be wasting your time. Do NOT mope around waiting for them to ' come to their senses and realize what they've lost' yeah that might take a while.
Do NOT stalk. I know this is really hard becaus…


So have you ever noticed that every single thing you're told not to do after a break up is exactly what you do and more? From going through chats, texts and stuff to the pictures, stalking on social media (this one is very serious), etc.
A Breakup can be really nasty and painful, when you just think about the fact that someone you once cared about doesn't want to relate with you in that context again, you might just lose it. Now in this post I put together a few things that you should NEVER do after a break up based on past experience. Good, lets move on shall we?
I'm a very very secretive person ( I'm working on it ) and this didn't help at all. I didn't tell anybody not even my close friends what had happened, I just went about normally but deep down I was seriously hurting and I knew talking to someone might help but I didn't do that. You should not keep it all locked in because when it decides to come out, mehn it won't be pretty.
Talk to someone yo…