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Hi guys,
How's the weekend going? Beautiful I hope?
I'm sure you guys are very much aware of the tiwa and teebillz drama, if you aren't, you're seriously on a long thing. I mean Twitter was agog last night, trust Nigerians to take all the seriousness out of the whole thing, myself but I'm not here to make mockery of the whole situation,I think I had my fair share last night.
Before I slept, I started to really draw lessons from the situation and i wrote them down with the intention of coming to share them with you today.
Yeah I know cheap gossip isn't what we do here but sometimes we need to realize that there are life lessons to be learned in some of these situations.
Tiwa and TJ are only examples of what a lot of people are going through behind closed doors. I mean it's enough to look good and smile for the camera but what's really going on inside?
In the interview she admitted to the fact that before they got married, she saw signs an…




"...The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares." - Henry J.M. Nouwen.

Deep huh? I know. I stumbled on this quote while I was making my research for this post and out of all the others I saw, this particular one sort of called out to me because it sums up all that a true friend is and should be.

I've had this post idea for a while now, but it turns out that your data has to be completely exhausted before you can put your mind totally into writingπŸ™ˆ
I hope y'all are enjoying your weekend though?

To the business of the day,

We all know that no matter how independent and solitary we think we are, at some point, we always need someone to share some of our life changing experiences with, someone to laugh with,someone who can listen to us without any judgem…

Sounding Brass or Tinkling Cymbal?

Hi guys!
Told you I'll be back soon didn't I?
How did you enjoy the weekend? My friends and i went to see 'wives on strike' after my exam and it was really cool so I didn't have to stay at home this weekend😊 should see the movie too, thank me later.
Unto the main issue..
So you guys know those people that can talk and talk till Jesus comes, the same people that give themselves unnecessary hype, they tell you that they are doing this and that but you never really see anything? All you see is their mouth moving so much that you just want to stuff a pillow in it.
They will tell you that they have this 'parole' here and there, sometimes they even go ahead to put some 'special' effects to make it very convincing, they're the ones that put 'CEO' as their display names on Twitter and In their bio on Facebook and instagram and then you begin to wonder what exactly are they chief executives of?
It's one thing to SAY and then it's a…


Hello beautiful people,
How was your weekend? Someone said to me last week that instead of coming here to rant about how boring my weekend was, I should go out more, do you guys agree? I think I go out just fine but I do hope your weekend was lit though? As usual mine wasn't.
It turns out some of these guys just like to talk, so many of them were against my last post, saying that i was lying against them when they know deep down that it was nothing but the truth,some of them even admitted to doing some of those things but they still wanted me to know I was lying. Such egomaniacs😏. I was even very generous to them, I offered them an opportunity to write a sort of counter post in which nobody obliged, perhaps I was right afterall.
So as many of you know already, I'm on the petite side and because of that, there's this particular thing my dad says to me regularly. He says 'what you don't have in height, you should have it up there' by up there he means the brain.…

Dear Guys,

Hey guys,
How has been your week so far? Mine has been so irritable, like everyone seems to just be very annoying lately,don't worry i know why. The thought of writing this particular post however gives me, you'll know why shortly. So just sit back,relax and enjoy because it's going to be a rather long ride.

Before I go into what I really want to talk about today, I'd like to weigh in on this Wizkid and Linda ikeji's matter that happened over the weekend I think. Now I'll put the both of them on one side, my focus is majorly on how Nigerians reacted especially towards Linda. Hypocrisy should be our first name. We all know that everybody likes a little dirty secret about these celebrities and fortunately for us, LIB gives us that, we all know that is what she does and you know that if it is on LIB,there's a 97% chance that it is true, now this child called wizkid comes and starts yabbing her becuse she spilled his little secret and people are castin…

The stage

All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts
His acts being seven ages.

Hi guys,
How was your weekend? Turnt? Dull? Relaxing? Pleasant? Normal? I think I'll go with normal for me because I don't think anything out of the ordinary happened,I wish I had a wedding or something I attended,I'm so jealous of these people that have regular 'owambes' be looking all fleeky and stuff. I hope you had fun at least?
So it seems like I'm really digging Shakespeare's work in recent times, to think that I wasn't really a fan when I was obligated to read those books. I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with the excerpt at the beginning of the post, a lot of people even use it without knowing where it originated from. The other time when I posted about The green eyed monster (not sure what that is, just click on it) and asked you to guess where I got the excerpt…

Hello April,

Hi guys!
Happy New month!!!

Finally! The long month of March has come to an end. Thank God for this last week that helped speed things up. Someone said to me this week that March was making up for the quick February, I think I agree.
As we all know, this is the day that a lot of people get slapped,punched,beaten,starved,fired or worse because of the sick pranks they play.I remember when I was much younger, my siblings and i used to think of silly pranks to fool our aunts, sometimes we were lucky, sometimes we were not, all I know is that my dad was the grand prankmaster. I remember vauguely one time when he told us the house was on fire, we were obviously outside the house but the way he came to us with speed, panicking, red eyes, and saying all those deep Yoruba stuffs, we were all scared, leave it to my sister the emotional one in the house to start crying. I mean I saw no smoke and yet I believed? How gullible!
Seriously though, when did we start the year and now another month has…