The stage

All the world's a stage
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts
His acts being seven ages.

Hi guys,
How was your weekend? Turnt? Dull? Relaxing? Pleasant? Normal? I think I'll go with normal for me because I don't think anything out of the ordinary happened,I wish I had a wedding or something I attended,I'm so jealous of these people that have regular 'owambes' be looking all fleeky and stuff. I hope you had fun at least?
So it seems like I'm really digging Shakespeare's work in recent times, to think that I wasn't really a fan when I was obligated to read those books. I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with the excerpt at the beginning of the post, a lot of people even use it without knowing where it originated from. The other time when I posted about The green eyed monster (not sure what that is, just click on it) and asked you to guess where I got the excerpt from,nobody guessed it. It's only a matter of time don't worry ;) very soon you'll be quoting Shakespeare like no man's business. Without further ado,this one is from 'As you like it' in act 2 scene 7.
As much as I'd like to go into the details of Shakespeare and his works, I'll skip that today and save it for later.
At one point in time, our birth was celebrated, we were the best things that happened to our parents especially the mothers. Despite the fact that everybody hates being puked on, you come with your cute face and make it a habit and they just go with the flow. Then you grow a little and it's time to go to school, just like every normal kid (emphasis on normal) you dread school and cry each time the bus arrives. This goes on and on until you get pretty used it because you know that education is a major key to success in life.
During this periods of dependency, it is necessary and compulsory most times that we must do everything within our power to make our sponsors happy and proud in order for their support to continue. There also comes a time when that support will cease, not because you are a bad ward, but because time has come for you to move to another stage of life and act as someone else.

 The world is a stage innit? Roles change. Once you were the one who was being provided for,now you are the provider, leader, guide, amongst many other things. How well are you going to play this part of yours? unlike  Shakespeare's plays that already have an end, we don't know when our story ends, and so we can only hope and pray that it goes on for quite a while before we take a bow and the curtains are drawn finally.
Apart from the grand entry and exit;birth and death, our entry and exit can also be into the lives of other people,this is all still part of our act in this play of life. We become lovers,fathers,daughters,mothers,etc and with the flexible nature of these roles, we can be all at the same time. Sometimes,it can be really exhausting because human beings are very difficult species to handle but at the end,we thrive and we're able to nail these various roles. The most important thing is that we must do our best to leave a rather lasting and good memory in the lives of these people we meet because whenever our part in that particular scene is over, that's all we'll ever be..a memory.

The good thing about our own stage and play, is that it is very inclined to change afterall change is the only constant thing ,they say. The more we progress, the more we become more knowledgeable and grow in wisdom that is why we are able to act differently even under the same situation. This wisdom allows us to make right decisions, correct our wrongs and set things straight. In all honesty, only a fool will ignore wisdom.
Shakespeare is of the opinion that there are seven stages of a man's life ; the puking infant ,whining school boy, young,sighing lover, the soldier, the justice, the pantaloon and the old man who is toothless and helpless as a baby. It is important to make hay while we're still young and active because in the end, you will only go back to dependent and helpless nature and trust me when i say nobody likes a liability.
This life is a cycle, I'm sure you know that by now and long after you've exited the stage, only your legacy will make people remember you otherwise you'll just be another person who came,saw and definitely did not conquer.
You're not a wrap of gala that comes with an expiry date on the body, I mean you do have an expiry date but only your creator knows that.
Now you'll ask why did I choose to go with a wrap of gala? Interesting story I tell you. I was so hungry yesterday and then I decided to buy one or two wraps of gala depending on my hunger level the moment i entered the shop. I picked one up but somehow still remembered to check for the expiry date. Fortunately and unfortunately, it was dated 31st of March, I picked up another one hoping to see something more positive,as you can guess, no such luck,no wonder a couple of them were abandoned in their carton with no one purchasing them, My point? Do everything you can to make sure you're not just abandoned and forgotten on this stage, strive for greatness, make a lasting impression that will bring about a standing ovation.. only then can you confidently take a bow when the time comes. *drops mic and walks away*

Okay I didn't go too
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