Hello beautiful people,
How was your weekend? Someone said to me last week that instead of coming here to rant about how boring my weekend was, I should go out more, do you guys agree? I think I go out just fine but I do hope your weekend was lit though? As usual mine wasn't.
It turns out some of these guys just like to talk, so many of them were against my last post, saying that i was lying against them when they know deep down that it was nothing but the truth,some of them even admitted to doing some of those things but they still wanted me to know I was lying. Such egomaniacs😏. I was even very generous to them, I offered them an opportunity to write a sort of counter post in which nobody obliged, perhaps I was right afterall.
So as many of you know already, I'm on the petite side and because of that, there's this particular thing my dad says to me regularly. He says 'what you don't have in height, you should have it up there' by up there he means the brain. For a very long time now, that has been one of my driving forces. I have made up my mind that I won't just be another 'smally', this particular smally is going to blow your mindπŸ’¨ Lol okay enough about me.
I saw this particular quote somewhere and it read "the fact that you're small doesn't mean you should remain small" are you connecting the pieces now? I bet you are.
Being small doesn't necessarily mean height-wise like me, you could be small in so many ways; intellectually, spiritually, morally and every other 'lly' word you could think of. The thing here is, it's now up to you to choose whether to remain small or not.
As each day comes, the giver of life blesses you with yet another breath and he expects you to go out there to be fruitful and multiply, how else do you want to do this if you remain small.I believe at some point when all these is over we have to give account of all that we achieved and did with our lives. What will be your story then?
Now being small is not a bad thing,in fact, it's necessary for the growth process, It's also important that you remember your days of little beginnings because only then are you constantly reminded that where you are presently didn't just happen by the snap of your fingers and so, it instills humility to some extent. However, remaining small is a bad thing in my opinion. There's a lot of opportunity up there waiting to be explored and what are you doing to get there? Absolutely nothing. I know sometimes when we think of how big these dreams are, we get scared, trust me when I say it's a good thing. This past week i was trying to make a sort of bucket list of my plans in the next five years, honestly where this heat came from I don't understand, I had to stop to get a grip before I continued processing.

My point is it's perfectly normal to be scared but you shouldn't allow that fear limit you, rather, it should launch you forward. Challenge yourself and see how you can achieve your goals.
Another thing you should remember is that rome wasn't built in a day. As much as it's important to grow, you need to learn to love yourself with each step you take and every time you get it right and make a breakthrough, reward yourself  because you deserve it.
Don't overwork yourself neither should you lazy about. You really don't want people to ask you 'how's the weather down there?'
Nobody said it's going to be comfortable, growth is going to incur a lot of changes; friends, mindset, thought-process, how you talk  and even as vain as this might sound, it will even affect how you dress. Don't forget how you dress is the way you will be addressed.
Most people in their growth journey tend to forget a lot of things and this is not always pleasant because it only takes you back to where you started from if not worse.
It is important that you don't allow the things that you want make you forget the things that you have. Humility is a major key in the process of growth, once you start to give room for pride,envy,jealousy,hatred to mention but few, you start to slip back into your small nature.
Rise above all that negativity and become engulfed in your own journey to success.

By the way, how many people were able to tap into Mtn's freebie this weekend? I had to try severally before I could get it. Come to think of it, I think someone's out to get Mtn, 15k worth of airtime? Wow!

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P.s- I'm going to be MIA for a while, I have an exam coming up, y'all should pray for your girl.xoxo


  1. I'm not small but post inspires still. How many weeks is your "a while"?. Best wishes.

    1. Lol..thanks for reading,don't worry I'll be back before you know it😊

    2. Lol..thanks for reading,don't worry I'll be back before you know it😊


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