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There's a certain kind of joy that comes with writing a wishlist, it's similar to writing a prayer request. It's like you're putting it out there and just hopeful that it has happened already.

So guys, my birthday is a week away, which is so surreal by the way! I mean, August already? Anyway, this post is a compilation of some of the things a girl dreams of having for her birthday. A girl can dream right?

Here goes...

1) MONEY: Lots and Lots of it! I already know that Abba is on this particular matter, so I'm alright.

2) Piper Tassel Bag From Shopmaju: So, I've been looking to get a new handbag for a while now, but my bank account has been telling me that my old ones are still very beautiful.πŸ˜†
Maju has my heart on a norm, but when I saw this bag, in fact, I was love-struck, hopefully I'll get it soon.

3) Embroidered Sneakers: It's embroidery season! Everywhere you look, there's just something with that little flower on it and honestly, it really d…


If there's anything I'm grateful for this year, it's knowing about the Youversion Bible app and the Common English Bible Version. You might be wondering why, well it's because one of my goals this year is to be closer to God on all levels, and the knowledge of these two has enhanced my spiritual growth a great deal. Funny thing is, I got to know about them through social media, so if you're still one of those that think social media is a bane to our existence, you better think again!

If you're familiar with the Youversion app, then you'd know they're famous for their different bible plans that help you in your walk with God. "10 things to abandon for spiritual growth" is one of such plans. After completing this plan, I made up my mind to write a post on it and share it with you!

 Don't worry I'm not about to go all pastor- mode on you guys, this is just to inspire and encourage you, because it's so relatable and helpful.

How was yo…


Hi Guys!

Today's post is a guest post written by my very good friend who is also a blogger, Barakah Bashir of Barakahsthoughts.

I've known her for a little over a year now and I can't even begin to tell you how much of an amazing person she is. She's a medical student and that's why she's bringing you this insightful and educative post on cleanliness and productivity.


It’s safe to say every single aspect of our lives is affected by our productivity, and cleanliness has a major impact on productivity. Here is it, how do you think straight when there is an offensive odour around? Can be hard right? Now Imagine you are the reason behind it, which could be due to different factors, like Laziness, some I don’t care attitude or a disturbed/busy mind.

Naturally, one get’s disturbed when they are in a dirty or disorganized environment. Amidst work or school you constantly remind yourself that you need to do so, hence you struggle with focusing on whatsoev…


Welcome Welcome! It's another interesting post on the portable diaries, are you excited? I am.

Today's post is well, not really as fun for me as it might be for you because I'll be sharing some of my embarrasing moments,😝 but I guess you'd have a good laugh, so we good! 😊

As a portable lady, I get so many people asking me or wanting to ask me about my age. While I was in uni, I was a little popular amongst my lecturers because most of them thought I somehow manuevered my way into the university, so it wasn't new that during tests or exam, one or more lecturers would come up to ask me 'how old are you?', 'How did you enter into this school?' 'You're too small to be in the university' as if they're the ones paying my fees πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sometimes in front of the whole class, and you know I'm not talking about 30-40 people here, it can quite embarrassing actually. I was able to master the art of smiling and putting up a good face for my lec…


As a blogger, there are certain apps that I absolutely love and can't do without, because they aid my productivity and helps take my blog to the next level.

I have a lot of apps on my phone, but there are some of them that I use very frequently and they help me get my desired result. In this post, I will be sharing eight (8) of them that help me in my daily blogging journey.

1) Twitter: This is my best app so far! I have been on Twitter since 2010, but I never really knew how it worked until say about 3-4 years ago, and boy does it do wonders for my blog! I always ask every one I meet if they are on Twitter, especially bloggers and business owners, because I feel it's one of those apps you just have to be on. There's no limit whatsoever to the amount of times you get to promote your posts, and that's my favourite part! Also, never underestimate the power of retweets! What do you need? All you have to do is tell people to please retweet for you! Twitter is exciting and …