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Hello beautiful people! How was your weekend? Mine was quite lazy but it was good though. So I know you're expecting to see one post on grace,love or one of those things, sorry but not sorry to disappoint you dearies,we are going to be doing this a little differently today. So I was opportuned to interview a young,talented and driven artiste who is doing really good for himself (plus he's cute too *wink*) and i just thought to myself that this should be a good form of inspiration to youths out there, you might not need to do what he does but you should totally do what you want no matter how impossible it looks right now.
Read for yourself..

A: Hi,can you please introduce yourself?
W: Hello I'm White Mic music minister/ Gospel Rap artist. Birth Name Daniel Okoli
A: What is your stage name and how did you come about the name?
W: White Mic is my stage name and it was inspired by the Holy Ghost. He gave me this line to explain it - "when you take a black mic and deep it i…

Hey Cheater,

"The person you love (or used to love) was always bound to hurt you, it's sadly a fact of life and we all do it to each other. However, we can become better at solving our relationship problems by taking responsibility for ourselves."- Ellie Prior

Hi guys, How are you and how has your week been so far? Mine was alright thanks for asking, I'm just glad it's the weekend baby! ;)
Okay, so if you are very frequent on social media, you would know that it was buzzing with drama this past week and if you didn't know let me fill you in (you know I like to gist very well). Apparently ice prince's girlfriend went on instagram to declare her undying love for him blah blah and then the trolls came for her in way she never 'hesperred'. 
One person commented and was like but she's dating one Akin so why she lying and then this person had no chill o, he started releasing pictures that showed that the girl and the Akin were together.
Bottom line Ice Prince ref…

Food for thought

Top of the morning to you my lovelies!
How was the weekend?mine was a little interesting..yeah I know I was complaining before but a girl's still gotta have fun right? My friends and i went to see a movie yesterday and it was totally worth it(if you haven't seen ride along 2,you should definitely do that,thank me later).
Moving on to less trivial matters,
My roomie and I were gisting about things and people in general last night and while we were talking there was just a particular thing we kept going on and on about...Hypocrisy.
My dictionary defines hypocrisy as 'The claim or pretense of holding beliefs,feelings,standards,qualities,opinions that one does not actually possess.' It goes further again to say that hypocrisy is the act of 'applying criticism to others that one does not apply equally to oneself.'
All these Dictionaries like big big English,all I see is the description of a fake person.
Now, some of us have unconsciously found ourselves in the posit…


Hey beautiful people :)
How y'all doing?been a while huh?don't mind your girl *covers face*
It's this calabar people that want to kill me,I started work then I became sick(nope I'm not lazy because I wasn't even doing anything) it was a case of food poisoning!
okay maybe not as serious as that but close. Anyway I'm fine now thank you.
Someone asked me this week that where was 'their' usual inspiration,I had mixed feelings that day because yeah I couldn't obviously post cause I was indisposed but I still felt bad that I couldnt and then I was happy because even though it was just one person that asked me I know the posts are going a long way in inspiring people.
I won't go on and on about how things will change and stuff because I'm pretty sure you're used to that and so I'll just say let's have fun this year! :)

So basically calabar is a wonderful town (that's so I don't say something else) with all their pois..... food…

Next Level

Hello lovelies,
Congratulations,we made it to 2016!!!
Happy New year!!!
I'm really grateful to God for bringing us to yet another year. An old adage says that if one knows how to think deeply,he'll know how to be thankful. 2015 was a beautiful year,yes there were some really low times but the Lord comforted us. One of the numerous ways God comforted me is through the success of this blog, many thanks to your unending support. 2016 is here and I have a great assurance that it's going to be a year of favour,success,breakthrough,elevation, Amongst the great and mighty things God is going to do for us all. Don't doubt,don't keep quiet,ask until your joy is full and don't waver from his path. I can assure you that every of your problems,worries and troubles have ended with 2015,relax and be merry because it's a new dawn, so don't be discouraged. Again I say congratulations,welcome to the next level. Love you too much♡♡♡