Hey beautiful people :)
How y'all doing?been a while huh?don't mind your girl *covers face*
It's this calabar people that want to kill me,I started work then I became sick(nope I'm not lazy because I wasn't even doing anything) it was a case of food poisoning!
okay maybe not as serious as that but close. Anyway I'm fine now thank you.
Someone asked me this week that where was 'their' usual inspiration,I had mixed feelings that day because yeah I couldn't obviously post cause I was indisposed but I still felt bad that I couldnt and then I was happy because even though it was just one person that asked me I know the posts are going a long way in inspiring people.
I won't go on and on about how things will change and stuff because I'm pretty sure you're used to that and so I'll just say let's have fun this year! :)

So basically calabar is a wonderful town (that's so I don't say something else) with all their pois..... foods and expensive houses with no light, I'm so not having fun here but I'm hoping it'll get better with time, don't worry I'll keep you posted.
This is a rather short post I know but till next time my lovelies stay awesome♡♡♡


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