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Okay people, I need you to help to help me out with something. 
So I have stared at this picture for God knows how many times and I can't find nada, all I see is a living room😁 so please If You Happen to See What we Are looking for, kindly point it out.
That obviously had nothing to do with what I'm about to write about (sorry for wasting your time...that's if I did else sorry but not sorry..haha)I remember telling you to watch this space for the rest of the last post, did you wait too long? Nah?
Okay *clears throat* now I know that there are couples who have come back together after they had broken up and that's cool but my dears, if you see that your ex partner has moved on and you are still waiting for the scale to fall from their eyes, you just might be wasting your time. Do NOT mope around waiting for them to ' come to their senses and realize what they've lost' yeah that might take a while.
Do NOT stalk. I know this is really hard becaus…


So have you ever noticed that every single thing you're told not to do after a break up is exactly what you do and more? From going through chats, texts and stuff to the pictures, stalking on social media (this one is very serious), etc.
A Breakup can be really nasty and painful, when you just think about the fact that someone you once cared about doesn't want to relate with you in that context again, you might just lose it. Now in this post I put together a few things that you should NEVER do after a break up based on past experience. Good, lets move on shall we?
I'm a very very secretive person ( I'm working on it ) and this didn't help at all. I didn't tell anybody not even my close friends what had happened, I just went about normally but deep down I was seriously hurting and I knew talking to someone might help but I didn't do that. You should not keep it all locked in because when it decides to come out, mehn it won't be pretty.
Talk to someone yo…


Yes I am crying for help people and I'll tell you why.  Did you ever know that being a fresh graduate has its perks and ( what's the opposite of perks? Horrors? ) definitely Horrors! Especially in an African house where you're the first child and first daughter at the same time. Everything you do will somehow connect to getting married or something like that. They don't even want to care if Sola thought you deserved someone better or that Nonso thinks it's him and not you or that Abubakar just stopped picking your calls, there just has to be someone sha.  The other day, a friend of mine ( who is a guy ) helped me out with something that was really important and my parents had to know about it, as you all might have guessed that was the worst thing ever. My dad is like ' so when are we meeting this guy, you should feel free telling us these things ' and mum in the kitchen goes ' he might not like his moi - moi ( dunno the English word for that sorry ) wi…


Ever been in a situation where you know that it wasn't just mere human efforts working for you again but a sort of divinely connected thingy and all you can just do is smile?
Don't worry I'm not about to go all pastor on you ;) it's just something that crossed my mind today and I thought I'd share with you. Many times we disregard the fact that some things in our lives happen beyond the ordinary and just take things for granted without even being appreciative.
A lot of things we fail to acknowledge and attribute to the divine with each passing day is a miracle to some others ( take a trip to the hospital and you'll see ). Some times, there's a conviction deep down in our hearts and we know that these goodies we get are unmerited, but being humans that we are, we become so used to them that we forget they are gifts that we should be grateful for.
Don't forget to say a word of thanks everyday.
With love, Mide.


Okay I'm kidding that's not the question ( maybe a part of it though ).
Hey lovelies, So I was literally just lying on my bed and I started to wonder how often fights, disagreements, etc should occur in a relationship(now this is the real question ). Weird ? I know.  Oh yeah I'm playing love doctor today ;) I've had to stay with a lot of couples my parents inclusive and I witness how they argue a LOT! Then I begin to wonder is it still love or something else?Don't get me wrong, I've seen their mushy mushy side as well but as far as I'm concerned, the argument side wins. So now I ask, must we always resort to fighting? is there a way to reduce fights and arguments in a relationship?
I mean what happens when Bae thinks you have mouth diarrhoea and then sticks it up in your face ( unknowingly perhaps ), do you then prove them right and turn it to a rap battle? Or when Bae thinks you are too calm for a particular situation but in your mind you're the major …


For a pretty, portable and panash young lady like me, (please let me hype myself) wearing a beautiful pair of heels is one of the ways I feel good about myself. My love for a beautiful pair of heels is unexplainable, from the wedges to the pumps to the court shoes, don't even get me started on the trending barely - there heeled sandals ooohhhh just thinking about them gives me a tingly feeling ( don't judge me ). I'm pretty sure some people think I own a really big closet of shoes with the way I put up pictures of shoes, haha...I wish! The truth is I actually don't own a lot of shoes due to two major reasons; my account isn't as fat yet then my feet is way too tiny for the sizes of adult shoes, sad right? I know. My struggle is too real.
Personally I think every woman should subscribe to the idea of owning at least a 4 inch heel and I'm not talking ugly ones now, I'm talking badass here. I know there might be mistakes, you might fall on your face but honey…


"It's been a long dayy without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again..."(in my voice of course,i sing too)
Hey lovelies, please excuse my dramatic behaviour or get used to it,i'm fine either way😁. So i know i've been MIA for a really long time now,it turns out the final year in the university isn't as fun as they make it seem. I mean beyond all the glitz,glamour and