For a pretty, portable and panash young lady like me, (please let me hype myself) wearing a beautiful pair of heels is one of the ways I feel good about myself. My love for a beautiful pair of heels is unexplainable, from the wedges to the pumps to the court shoes, don't even get me started on the trending barely - there heeled sandals ooohhhh just thinking about them gives me a tingly feeling ( don't judge me ). I'm pretty sure some people think I own a really big closet of shoes with the way I put up pictures of shoes, haha...I wish! The truth is I actually don't own a lot of shoes due to two major reasons; my account isn't as fat yet then my feet is way too tiny for the sizes of adult shoes, sad right? I know. My struggle is too real.
Personally I think every woman should subscribe to the idea of owning at least a 4 inch heel and I'm not talking ugly ones now, I'm talking badass here. I know there might be mistakes, you might fall on your face but honey, you gotta get up and strut in those heels.
I once twisted my ankle wearing heels and trust me it wasn't pretty at all.  Right now, I wear heels like it never happened because honestly,  I'd rather stand tall than wear a low heel. What about you? 

P.s- To my lovely readers, I got all I need when I got you and I, I look around it's a sweet life...your love is getting me through the night cause you're my flashlight. Please read and tell me what you think. Oh and by the way, that's a song from pitch perfect 2 *big grin*


  1. Good read..Would definitely share! Happy there's someone else crazy about shoes πŸ‘ž like me. Strut your stuff baby!

  2. Will definitely do! Thanks a lot

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