So have you ever noticed that every single thing you're told not to do after a break up is exactly what you do and more? From going through chats, texts and stuff to the pictures, stalking on social media (this one is very serious), etc.
A Breakup can be really nasty and painful, when you just think about the fact that someone you once cared about doesn't want to relate with you in that context again, you might just lose it. Now in this post I put together a few things that you should NEVER do after a break up based on past experience. Good, lets move on shall we?
I'm a very very secretive person ( I'm working on it ) and this didn't help at all. I didn't tell anybody not even my close friends what had happened, I just went about normally but deep down I was seriously hurting and I knew talking to someone might help but I didn't do that. You should not keep it all locked in because when it decides to come out, mehn it won't be pretty.
Talk to someone you trust, it's even okay to cry, it might not make you feel better but it's better than that huge pain in your chest / heart region. 
Talking to someone might help you not to make decisions such as getting a rebound. Yeah that's never good as far as I'm concerned because it's just a waste of time and energy. You actually think you like this person when you really don't, you're only channelling all the emotions you feel for your Ex to that person and one day ' breeze go blow fowl yansh go open '. Then you have more on your plate than you bargained for. I know that the need to feel loved and all is there but sweetheart, you have yourself to love rather than feel terrible all day long.
Coming to terms with your new status of being single is hard I know but a rebound is never the answer trust me. 
Watch this space for the rest of the post. 
Cheers lovelies! 


  1. I totally agree wt u,u are tiny bt ur brain isn't,i tnk u should b called portable with brain. Keep it up

  2. Lol..I'll definitely add that to my nicknamesπŸ˜† thanks by the way


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