Yes I am crying for help people and I'll tell you why. 
Did you ever know that being a fresh graduate has its perks and ( what's the opposite of perks? Horrors? ) definitely Horrors! Especially in an African house where you're the first child and first daughter at the same time. Everything you do will somehow connect to getting married or something like that. They don't even want to care if Sola thought you deserved someone better or that Nonso thinks it's him and not you or that Abubakar just stopped picking your calls, there just has to be someone sha. 
The other day, a friend of mine ( who is a guy ) helped me out with something that was really important and my parents had to know about it, as you all might have guessed that was the worst thing ever.
My dad is like ' so when are we meeting this guy, you should feel free telling us these things ' and mum in the kitchen goes ' he might not like his moi - moi ( dunno the English word for that sorry ) with nylon, use the leaves ' and I'm like CAN Y'ALL JUST CHILL? ?
Of course I didn't say that out loud; ). I mean this guy is just a FRIEND! but they wouldn't have it, they keep taunting me which is why I'm crying for help now. 
Bae and I are not even talking marriage yet until say like 5 - 6 years and these guys are already sending out invites. Don't worry I'll be sure to keep one for each of you. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say African parents need a breather and of course to take several seats. ( No offence dads and mums we love you guys :*)


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