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2016 in Review: 12 Lessons I Learned

Hey Guys!

Been a minute! I trust you guys are doing well?

Can you believe we have just a day left in 2016? It's almost too good to be true. You all have to agree with me that even though we had a lot of downs this year, it is a blessing to be alive at this very moment.

This year taught me a lot of lessons that I actually paid attention to, I guess the whole saying about getting older and wiser is true afterall. So for this post i would be sharing twelve (12) lessons that I learned this year and I hope that at the end of the post, you'd tell me yours too!

In 2016 I learned...

1) To Be Thankful For Every Single Thing: We often take things for granted, without realizing that what we are failing to acknowledge is someone else's prayer request.

2) To Be Undoubtful: There were so many times I doubted that things will work out, but surprisingly they sorted themselves out.

3) To Let Go and Let God: This was a major lesson for me because, sometimes we fail to realize that holdin…

Girlschat series 21 || How has the series been so far?

Hey Guys!

How has your week been so far? Exciting I hope?

Welcome to #Girlschat series. I must say that it's been a really interesting journey so far, which is why we're stepping back to evaluate as well as to know what you guys think of the series so far.

I remember when Danie reached out to me sometime in July and pitched this series collobaration to me, I was very excited and couldn't even wait to start. This series has been beneficial to me on so many levels. I have made friends with a lot of ladies, I have learned from so many of you and I have laughed a lot as well. (More traffic too!) The support you guys give Danie and I is just overwhelming because we know that its not all the time we put up interesting posts but even at that, you always come through.

Speaking of interesting posts, I realized that from my side, the Girlschat posts with the highest number of interactions are; Grlschatseries 5: Girlfriends vs Wife duties. I remember the day of this post, there was …

40 Random Facts About Me

Hi Guys!

How's the week going? I trust you guys are doing well.

So I know I did the TMI tag not too long ago, but I thought since we're in the season of sharing and love, I should share some random facts about me that I bet you didn't know. I actually discovered that these 'personal' posts are what people really like to read, I wonder why😏.

(Plus I took some really cute pictures I want to show you guys!) 😊

Okay, I should warn you, it's a long list so get comfy.

1) I'm a portable lady, but you knew that already didn't you? πŸ˜‹

2) I've always wished my first name was Aramide. Asked my dad once why he didn't make that my first name and he goes " The Lord wanted your first name to be Adeola, but you're an adult now, if you want to change it then change it." Never that seriousπŸ˜•

3) I don't like Fish, Bread and anything too Sweet. Especially Fish, tastes like metal.

4) I am very Observant.

5) I could be very gentle and quiet, alt…

5 Things I love About Christmas πŸŽ…

Hi Guys!

Compliments of the season! πŸŽ… It feels really good to say that😊. It's exactly a week to Christmas! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Personally I just can't wait for my office to close up for the year, to think that i actually just started work. But I digress.

This post is basically just to share with you guys a few things that I love about Christmas as well as to know what you also love about this season!

Let's get right into it...

1) Food: It's not like I eat that much but the idea of having tons of things to choose from is just amazing, when we subtract the actual cooking from it of course 😝. We all know that tis the season for the almighty Jollof, can I get a witness? πŸ™Œ Chicken is not left out too with all them cookies, and lots of drinks to "wash it down". Please why won't you love Christmas.

2) Decorations: Don't you just love how colourful and lit (literally) the whole place looks during this time of the year? You get to some places and you're just blown w…

GirlschatSeries 20 || Let's Talk About Partners, Quarrels and Not Talking...

Hey Lovelies!

I hope your day went well? Welcome to the 20th #Girlschat !! Whoop Whoop!  You guys are too amazingπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Thank you so much for all of your inputs and Contributions, you're the best.

So today's topic was inspired by a thread I saw on Twitter last week, you guys already know I love twitter 😊😊.

Anyway, this guy tweeted the below picture and of course trust Nigerian Twitter to voice their opinion even where they're not calledπŸ˜‚.

I decided to ask my own #Girlschat fam how long they can go without talking to their partners when they quarrel and this is what they had to say...

Dami said: "Hmm a day or two max, If it's going to be longer than that then I know am leaving him.

Bola said: "A few days, like 2 or 3 days at most I think. Usually I try to  sort out quarrels that same day or the next to avoid it stretching out unnecessarily."

Winifred said: "A week if I'm at fault, A month if he's at fault. I'll be stalking him ooo Thro…

20 (Important!) Secrets For A Successful Life

Hey Guys!

How are we enjoying this little holiday? Let me use this medium to felicitate with our Muslims friends. I pray that all our prayers will be answered and accepted.

It's #mondayinspiration again! Today we're looking at  twenty (20) very important and sure secrets to a successful life. I'm currently reading the book "Top 200 secretsto a Successful Life" and I decided to pick out a few of the things I have learned so far. I'm positive that it will inspire you and impact your lives. I wrote some verbatim while I paraphrased the others, either ways you'll get the message!

1) Sleep Less. The older you get, the lesser you have to sleep. It gives you extra hours to do things that are actually important to you.

2) Inspire Yourself. Whatever you think will make you grow intellectually, that will make you want to do more, look for it and do it.

3) Cultivate Good Manners. They're very essential.

4) Stay on Purpose, Not on Outcome. Do it because you lov…


If wishes were horses.... yeah yeah we all know the rest, however I'll still stick to my holiday wishlist😜

Seasons Greetings Guys! Too early? I don't think so. In the spirit of this beautiful season, I have decided to do a holiday Wishlist, you can call it bants, but then you never know who God can decide to use in blessing you, yup! even in this recession (i heard your thoughts😊).

1) Money, Money and Money: Like loads of it!

2) Smart Money Woman: I feel like I'm the last person to get a copy of this and it's just so annoying because I really really want to read this book and become well...a smart money womanπŸ˜‰.

3) The 2017 CassieDaves Blog planner: I was going to get the 2016 Planner but the year was already far spent and I made up my mind that I wasn't going to allow 2017 to pass me by without getting my own copy. The fun part of it is that it has 3 different covers, like how cool is that?!

4) Laser knot Heel: The truth is I actually had my eye on a red block h…

GirlschatSeries 19 || Heels, Flats Or Somewhere In Between?

Hey Lovelies!

I trust you're well? Welcome to another beautiful Girlschat thursday, thank you for always making time to read through our 'gist' you guys rock!

So today we're chatting about shoes!😍😍
I bet you're as excited as I am, because well who doesn't love shoes?
We all know that there are various types of shoes. We have heels, flats, sneakers, boots, etc.
For today's chat we want to know whether you're a heels kinda chic, the comfy flat girl or just somewhere in between.

I asked a few ladies and this is what they had to say...

Chioma said: "Somewhere in between. Because I could be on that for almost the whole day and still feel like am on high heels, but I'm not yet still comfortable. There are occasions one would not want to be on flat not heels but something in the middle and still look classy and sweet.

Ulochi said: "Heels, flats, and nowhere in between. Heels for church and special occasions.
Flats for school and other runni…

Girlschaseries 18 || 6 Life Lessons From "On Becoming" For All Women

Hey Lovelies!

Happy New month!

2016 is gradually coming to an end, can you believe it? I pray that we shall all see the end of this year and enter into the new year by his grace.

Welcome to another #Girlschat. Thank you for always keeping it a date with Danie and I, we really appreciate you guys.
Now to the business of the day. If you're in Nigeria, I'm sure you would heard that media personality, Toke Makinwa recently launched her Book "On Becoming", I never really expected to get my hands on it fast as I did but I'm glad I was able to read it.

"On Becoming" is one of those books that you read and you just want other people to know about it. For today's post, I decided to draw out a few lessons that I learned while reading. This book is what I call an awakening and honestly as girls/ladies/women, we need to stay woke! We owe ourselves that much.

Here goes..

1) Guard Your Heart Jealously: You know why? Because at the end if it goes south, they'…

6 Ways To Get Back From A SetBack

At some point in our lives, we experience certain setbacks whether in our career, academically, physically, to mention but few.

This feeling of being in a rut is not one that anybody enjoys, which is why we constantly look for ways to get back up after life might have thrown us some lemons at us.

For today's post I have put together five  (5) things to do in order to recover from setbacks.

1) Let Go: This is fast becoming one of my favourite mantras. Holding on to whatever might have caused you to be in that position will only do more damage because you'll keep gutting , worrying, complaining. That whole negative vibe is way too dangerous for your psychological stability. Letting go however releases you of the worry because then its not your problem anymore. A feeling of rest and inner peace replaces the initial stress.

2) Let it Out: Letting go is most times very difficult and it takes sometime. In the process of letting go, you have to let it out because one cannot work wi…


Hey Guys!

I hope you're having an amazing day? So I recently came across this tag on Tobi's blog Journalthreesixty and I absolutely loved her answers. This tag is basically a way of getting to know me better even if some of the questions are a little uncomfortable 😨😨. Since It was an open tag, I decided to join in the fun!
As you might have seen, there are 50 questions so I suggest you grab your popcorn and sit tight!

Here goes...

1)What are you wearing?
 Shorts and a purple top

2)Ever been in love?
I think so

3)Ever had a terrible breakup
Bad: Yes     Terrible: No

4)How tall are you?
3ft/4ft something… never really paid attention to the specifics for obvious reasons.

5)How much do you weigh?
Not much at all…lol you should see me. πŸ˜†

6)Any tattoos?

7)Any piercings?
No. I had stud stickers one time though.

8)OTP (one true pairing: what’s your favorite fictional couple)?
Hazel Grace and Gus (the fault in our stars)

9)Favorite show?
That’s a tough one but I’ll go with Being …

GirlschatSeries 17|| Let's Talk About Birth Order and Dating

So I was literally on my bed when this post idea popped in my head (I really dont know why!). Yeah It was a little disoriented but I knew what I wanted to write so i turned to my third best friend Google and everything started to really make sense. I hope it will make sense to You too😊

I hope you're all doing well this beautiful thursday evening? As for me, I think I've seen better days. I had to remove a decayed tooth yesterday,
Moral Lesson: I never want to do it again!. it's really not a pleasant experience. However, #Girlschat is here and that makes me happy.

How many of us have heard statements like  you're dating a 'mommy's boy' just because you're dating the youngest child or perhaps because you're dating the first son people tell you to get ready for a lot of responsibilities and if you happen to be a first child too then the load is even more. I remember when i was dating an only child, a friend told me I was lucky because there's no…

GirlSchat series 16 || 3 TV Series Every Girl Should be Hooked On

Hello Lovelies!

How are you today? Great I hope. Let me first say that I really appreciate everyone who reached out and checked on me last week, thank you so much I'm better now. For those who would have not didn't know, don't worry i know you have good intentions tooπŸ˜‰ so it's all good.

Having said that, I welcome you to another exciting Girlschat Thursday!
This week we'll be looking at movies. Yaaay! If you didn't know, I looove movies especially series and if you haven't checked out my post on the top 10 tv series, then you should defiitely check Here ! I can assure you that it's a good pick although I'd have to make another list soon.

Alright! For today's post, I have put together 3 TV series that I think that all ladies/women should be hooked on. Reason being that, there are some really powerful female characters that we could pick up a few lessons from. My love for these characters is not because they're flawless in terms of makeup an…

GirlschatSeries 15 || What is the worst pick-up line that has been used on you?

Hello Queens!

How are you guys doing? Better than I am, I'm sure. So Malaria decided to play a kind of game with me today, I'm not sure why though. I almost thought I won't be able to post today, but I needed some ginger and good laughter in my system and voila! Here we are.

Today's topic is basically just for laughs. We are talking about the worst pick up lines that have been used on us by these "wonderful" guys.

See what some ladies had to say...

Abiola said : "You better date me
You'll see guys that make sense you wont date them, its somebody that will be making you cry you'll be going for.
He even went as far as sending me that meme of "find someone that ruins your lipstick not your mascara"

Tosin said : "I'm asking you out because I asked someone else out but she said no"

Fikky said: "It's like i know you somewhere, Some will even use bad english to ask..
Posh guys dont do that though, Only skolombo boys say all…

"Diary Of A Cross Corper"

Hey Guys!

So this is one very overdue post and I apologise for taking so long but thank God it's finally here! How y'all doing? Personally I feel like I need a vacation where I can just sleep, eat and pamper myself. Oh well if wishes were horses...

Life as a cross corper wasn't exactly rosy but I must say it was better than alright. If you missed my camp experience you can check Here ! Life on camp wasn't one I loved very much, but my experience in boarding school taught me a thing or two which I was able to apply in the orientation Camp.

I remember the day I was given my kit, I just looked at it and smiled. My Khaki was 10 times bigger than me and I had to remove more than half of the whole thing just to get my size. To think that I paid 1500 for each piece of clothing, those mami market people were legit scammers😩 that's why you need to be loaded to an extent when you're going to camp. I was initially posted to one village that I could hardly pronounce the …