GirlschatSeries 19 || Heels, Flats Or Somewhere In Between?

Hey Lovelies!

I trust you're well? Welcome to another beautiful Girlschat thursday, thank you for always making time to read through our 'gist' you guys rock!

So today we're chatting about shoes!😍😍
I bet you're as excited as I am, because well who doesn't love shoes?
We all know that there are various types of shoes. We have heels, flats, sneakers, boots, etc.
For today's chat we want to know whether you're a heels kinda chic, the comfy flat girl or just somewhere in between.

I asked a few ladies and this is what they had to say...

Chioma said: "Somewhere in between. Because I could be on that for almost the whole day and still feel like am on high heels, but I'm not yet still comfortable. There are occasions one would not want to be on flat not heels but something in the middle and still look classy and sweet.

Ulochi said: "Heels, flats, and nowhere in between. Heels for church and special occasions.
Flats for school and other runnings around.
Okay yeah, slip ons and sandals in between. πŸ™‚"

Kufre said: "Heels. Makes you classy, though heels are occasional depending on what the occasion is. Heels makes you look classy, flats are casual.

 Moyin said: "In between. A mix of both is great. Heels brings the confident and classy side, flats is the more laidback chilled me."

Ekene said: "Heels when i am trying to look corporate, Or snickers when i am casual
I don't really like flats that much

For me, you already know I'm a heels girl because "portable gang" , also because I feel quite confident when I wear heels. Now this does not mean I go everywhere in 6 inches, as in who am I? Even the little four inches I have, I'm still finding my way around them. I think i also love the "somewhere- in- betweens" like wedges, medium block-heeled sandals and the likes. What I am not is a flats kinda girl. I really dislike sandals especially. They make my feet look really awkward. Flat shoes are just a must have for everyone if you don't want to die, I think that's why I have them.

So Ladies I want to hear from you...

What would you rather go with? Heels, Flat or Somewhere in Between?  I would love to know.

P.s- Let's check out what Danie has for us today on her blog



  1. Definitely heels orrr platform sneakers (still heels yeah), I don't really like ballet flats.

    1. Lol, you and me both on the flats. Thanks for sharing Wumi❤


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