2016 in Review: 12 Lessons I Learned

Hey Guys!

Been a minute! I trust you guys are doing well?

Can you believe we have just a day left in 2016? It's almost too good to be true. You all have to agree with me that even though we had a lot of downs this year, it is a blessing to be alive at this very moment.

This year taught me a lot of lessons that I actually paid attention to, I guess the whole saying about getting older and wiser is true afterall. So for this post i would be sharing twelve (12) lessons that I learned this year and I hope that at the end of the post, you'd tell me yours too!

In 2016 I learned...

1) To Be Thankful For Every Single Thing: We often take things for granted, without realizing that what we are failing to acknowledge is someone else's prayer request.

2) To Be Undoubtful: There were so many times I doubted that things will work out, but surprisingly they sorted themselves out.

3) To Let Go and Let God: This was a major lesson for me because, sometimes we fail to realize that holding on does more damage than letting go. 2016 opened my eyes to see that sometimes you just can't control some things and you have to leave it for the expert.

4) To Love Myself And Be More Confident: If you follow the blog, you'd know that I did a Self love challenge  this year, and you'd also know that it was no ordinary excercise. It literally changed my life, and it was amazing!

5) That Fear is Crippling if We let it Fester: I had some great ideas this year and because I was too scared of how it will turn out, how I will start out and just all the "hows" and "what ifs", some of those ideas were never born. Fear is normal but allowing it to grow is what kills us.

6) That Amidst the Rubble, There is a Hidden Gem: Sometimes, we need to look beyond face value and dig deeper till we find the real gem.

7) That I need To Take One Step at a Time Because There's Really no rush.

8) To Relax And Just Be Happy: Because YOLO!

9) To Seek God More and Trust Him Completely.

10)To Cherish Every Moment With Family And Friends.

11) To Accept What is, Let Go of What was and Have Faith in What Could Be.

12) That God is Not Done With Me Yet.

I think it's safe to say that 2016 was a good year in spite of all the negative vibes we got all through. We can only hope and pray for a greater and a more beautiful 2017.

Over to You...

What lessons did you learn in 2016? What are your hopes for 2017? I would love to know.

P.s- This is officially my last post for the year and honestly from the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank you for sticking around with this portable lady, it means a lot. Let's do this again next year shall we? I love you too much.

Happy Holidays and See You Next Year!



  1. Enjoyed reading your lessons. Love the point on fear crippling if we let it fester. I had to deal a lot with fear this year. A lot!
    In 2016,I learnt that love is overrated and No, nobody broke my heart. Hehe. Happy New year in advance babe
    A Retrospective Account of 2016!

    1. Lol...Thanks for reading love. Happy New yearπŸ’•

  2. Yes oooo, I agree with you on almost everything, especially to let go and let God. That YOLO thing ehh, I need to learn it need to learn it cum 2017.

    1. Letting go sometimes is the best thing. Thanks for reading Seyi, Happy New year❤

  3. Hey Mide! Happy to say I learnt everything you did! Happy New year eve babe.

    1. Glad you did hun! Thanks for reading and Happy New yearπŸ’•


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