"If the world was different then he would have lived a different life, but it wasn't and only he was responsible for the decisions he made" Pg 36.

So reviewing books is one of the features I plan on adding to the blog because i am a book lover and the very first book I'd be reviewing is this amazing book by Aminat Sanni-Kamal of aminatawastories.com .
I was particularly drawn to this book because it has this Nigerian setting and i have always loved a good Nigerian book right from my secondary school days. I always consider such books to be relatable.
This book isn't any different but it has its own edge and uniqueness.

"If the world was different" is a story centered around the ills of terrorism, indoctrination and misconceptions about the religion of Islam, revenge, love, secrets, regrets and mistakes, poverty and a whole bunch of other fascinating stuffs that everybody can totally relate to.
The twist in this book is off the hook! At some point I got confused, but the author did a good job in merging the various parts together till it was coherent and understandable enough.
The main character Yusuf in my opinion was merely a victim of circumstance and he's a perfect example of the fact that rage and anger can do irreparable damage, sometimes it's just better to Let go and Let God however difficult it might be.
With the recent trend of terrorism in the world, and everybody pointing fingers at Islam, this book uncovers some of the ills and dangers of terrorism, how these evil extremists under the pretence of Islam take advantage of the vulnerability of people's situations and indoctrinate them into doing unspeakable things. This was my best theme so far.
This book was also able to project that the law of karma is in fact too real. It all boils down to the fact that restitution is a major key in life. We will always make mistakes in life but what you do to remedy that mistake is what determines whether karma will come back to bite you in the butt or not.

Remember the proverb "An idle mind is the devil's workshop"? I bet you do. When you're not doing anything productive and you're just sitting down, a lot of thoughts will creep into your mind and the one that brings the fastest cash will definitely appeal to you more innit? Be it blackmail, murder, etc (spoiler much? Oops) .

My favourite character is Latifah. She's the sassy 21st century teenage girl who doesn't mince words at all. She's the voice of reasoning even when everybody is trying to cover up and pretend like all is well, she says it as it is. We all need some latifah-sass in our lives no jokes, and you'd probably have to read the book to find out why.

That stuff about good girls loving bad boys is soo true, I fear that if I say more I will spoil the book for you guysπŸ™Šall you need to know is that whole "you don't choose who you love thing" is probably true...probably.

As much as I love the book, I'm not a blood lover per se so the fact that certain people had to 'give way' didn't really go down well with me, so just like game of thrones, do not get attached to any character! I repeat do not get attached! Lol
Personally, I found the book very concise, the use of words was on point and the plot was beautifully translated. I wish it was longer though but it's all good anyway. No regrets reading it.✌
I will featuring some of amina's stories on here because she's a brilliant creative writer, but for the full package of her stories visit her website aminatawastories.com
This is Aminat by the way, cute right? I know😊😊

"If the world was different" was published on smashwords.com and guess what guys? It's free and available for download. All you have to do is click Here
Please read and Let me know what you think and you can also drop your suggestions on books that I should read, would really appreciate it.


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