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Get To Know Me More || My Skin Care Routine

Skin care wasn't something I always paid attention to. In fact up until my final year in Uni, I really didn't care, thank God for my friend Dupsey (feel free to check her blog for everything fashion and beauty related!) Who pushed me to start taking care of my skin. I call her my dermatologist. I realized later, that just a little pampering and care on the skin will make a lot of difference.

I also have a little case of an uneven skin tone, which my friend said I also need to attend to. I think I can say that it was at this point I had a sort of awakening, but you know sometimes, the old me comes up and I forget all about taking care of my skin until I have a really bad breakout or reaction. I'm not really someone that has pimples unless it's the 'time of the month' but I tend to always have these funny things on my face that I can't really explain, which is why I need to constantly pay attention to my skin.

Basically, this post is another opportunity to ge…

#Mondayinspiration || 5 Toxic Behaviours To Let Go Of

As humans, we tend to exhibit certain behaviours to different situations in our lives. Just like we have the good and bad in life, we also have the positive and negative behavioural tendencies that people exhibit depending on the kind of situation they find themselves in.

Positive behaviours are most times evident when things seem to be going on pretty well, but as soon as things take a tough turn, hopes are dashed and the negative aura takes over.

In today's post we will be looking at some of those harmful behaviours that we need to let go of. Stay with me!

How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful.

Okay, let's move on...

1) Believing and Insisting That Life is Hard: There was a time in my life that I was always saying 'life is hard' sometimes as a joke though, but it slowly became something I got used to. One day I realized that this wasn't something to joke with at all, especially because where there's life, there's hope. I had to make a conscious effort…

#Mondayinspiration || 12 Smart Money Lessons

Happy Easter Guys!

I hope you enjoyed this little holiday? I for one did! As usual this is a #mondayinspiration post to gear you up for the rest of the week, since the holiday is already coming to end!

The 'Smart Money Woman' is one book that I had always wanted to lay my hands on since last year. If You remember correctly, it was on my Holiday wishlist , and even though I didn't get it during Christmas, It came in during the new year which is just as awesome!
You guys know how I have this lucky charm when it comes to giveaways, yeah that's how I got this book and I will forever be grateful to Rhoda of adorhspeaks who blessed me with this gem.

My Badass Flatlay

Okay enough talk! I have quite a number of lessons I learned from this book, not just finiacially but even life lessons! In fact I think they're inexhaustible. I've already read the book twice and I know there are still some things I'm yet to discover. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman…

#MondayInspiration || Life Lessons From "Queen Of Katwe"

Happy New Month Guys!

I pray that all of our expectations will not be cut short in this month of April. Amen

The first quarter of the year has ended wow!  If you were to look back and evaluate yourself based on how close you are to your dreams, how effectively and efficiently you worked towards achieving those dreams, how would you evaluate yourself?
Probably, you didn't do as much? Not to worry you're not alone. Fortunately, today's #mondayinspiration is going to gear us up as usual into this second quarter and hopefully this time around, we'll nail it!

I saw the movie 'Queen of Katwe' yesterday and while watching it, I told myself I had to do a post on it. I learned a lot from that movie and I'll be sharing some life lessons from it.

1) There is Sense in Nonsense: We are so quick to write off certain situations that happens to us without even considering what good can come out of it. If you look deeply, you'd find a gem amidst that rubble.
Phiona wa…