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#mondayinspiration || 12 LIFE LESSONS FROM ROMANS 12

While I was still in secondary school (Hello BMJS fam!) , we had to memorize the book of Romans chapter 12 because it was like the school's official bible passage. I never actually got to know it completely, but I knew the first two verses, even at that, I never took it seriously.

My point is that, this part of the bible is not new or strange to me, I've always been familiar with it. However last week, something took me to that part of the bible again, why? I cant really say, but as I began to study, I started to see that it was way deeper than we thought, no wonder they wanted us to know it by force!

So for  today's post, I will be sharing 12 life  lessons from Romans 12.

Stay with me...

1) Do Not Be Lazy: "Not slothful in business..." (Rom12:11a) Laziness will get you nowhere, you have no choice but to work and work hard.

2) Be Compassionate and Symphathetic: Kindness and Compassion will take you a long way. (Rom 12:15, 12:20)
3) Anything You Find Yourself Doi…

November × The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy New Month Guys!

Can you believe it's November already? So surreal!

I welcome you to the month of open heavens and I pray that the God of the 11th hour will visit you and perfect every thing that concerns you. Amen!

October was great in its own way, came with its own surprises and testimonies, no doubt it was a beautiful month.

So I was nominated for the sunshine blogger award and I'll be answering the questions I was asked in today's post. The sunshine award is award for bloggers by bloggers, it is a way of recognizing and encouraging bloggers who they consider as inspiring and creative.

Here are the rules:

a) Thank the blogger that nominated you and drop the link to their blog.

b) Answer the questions from the blogger that nominated you

c) Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

d) Post a sunshine blogger award pictu're on your blog.

I would like to thank Cynthia of abujagirlsjournal who nominated me. Her blog is a motivational and lifestyle blog where …