#mondayinspiration || 12 LIFE LESSONS FROM ROMANS 12

While I was still in secondary school (Hello BMJS fam!) , we had to memorize the book of Romans chapter 12 because it was like the school's official bible passage. I never actually got to know it completely, but I knew the first two verses, even at that, I never took it seriously.

My point is that, this part of the bible is not new or strange to me, I've always been familiar with it. However last week, something took me to that part of the bible again, why? I cant really say, but as I began to study, I started to see that it was way deeper than we thought, no wonder they wanted us to know it by force!

So for  today's post, I will be sharing 12 life  lessons from Romans 12.

Stay with me...

1) Do Not Be Lazy: "Not slothful in business..." (Rom12:11a) Laziness will get you nowhere, you have no choice but to work and work hard.

2) Be Compassionate and Symphathetic: Kindness and Compassion will take you a long way. (Rom 12:15, 12:20)
3) Anything You Find Yourself Doing Should Be Done Well: Be committed to every work you find yourself doing. Another thing is to be consistent and disciplined without 'high service'. (Rom 12:7-8)

4) Stay Away From Hypocrisy: Don't be a pretender! Be real all day, everyday. (Rom 12:9)

5) Embrace Things That Are Good And Do Away With Everything That is Bad: Society has made so many things seem very normal even though they're really not. Pick a side, preferably the good side. (Rom 12: 9)

6) Be Humble: Humilty is a virtue that cannot be overemphasised. It is a key that unlocks various doors. Nobody likes a proud, stuck up person, so sit down and humble yourself. (Rom 12:16, 12:3)

7) Don't Cut Corners: Don't try to act 'smart', do things the right way, one day you'll give account of what you've done. (Rom 12:16)

8) Learn To Endure And Stay Positive: Just a little faith, hope and positivity will enable you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be patient. (Rom 12:12)

9) Don't Stop Praying: Prayer is something that will definitely make this journey of life easier. (Rom 12:12)

10) Thriving In Your Own Uniqueness And Space: Everyone is unique in their own way, don't try to be like everybody when you were born to stand out. (Rom 12:4)

11) Don't Repay Evil For Evil: Sometimes very very difficult in practical, because the heart of man is desperately wicked, but this is one of those principles that we have to have at the back of our minds and follow to the letter. By doing that, we remove some of the evil in the world and replace it with some good. (Rom 12:19 , 12:21)

12) In Everything, Strive To Please God: Ultimately, this is the goal. (Rom 12: 1-2) 

Over to you...

Have you ever read Romans 12? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to know your thoughts.

Have a beautiful week ahead!



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  2. Such a convicting scripture. You're post made me reread it and it was like I was reading it for the very first time. Rom 12;2 is one that always convicts me too. May God give us to practice all these lessons.

    Princess Audu

    1. I know right! Verse 2 is sooo convicting. Amen to your prayers dear and thanks for reading!

  3. Great post, and I love your blog. It is so positiveand inspiring. Love the things you write about. Will definetly be back.



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