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Hey Guys!
How's the week going? Splendid I hope.
Let me give you guys a heads up, this post is quite lengthy so, please bear with me.

So the Self Love Challenge is officially over!! Yaay! Honestly it was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to a whole lot of things and this post is a honest recap of my experience in the Last 30 days.

Now for as many that participated, you would know that the challenge was more of a spiritual, and psychological thing than physical. In the sense that most times, you have to sit down and think about some things in your life, whether they are working for you or not and then make a conscious decision to do away with the bad and embrace the good.
Before I talk about my own experience, I will share a friend's experience with you. This is an old friend from high school whom i reconnected with shortly before I started the challenge and he told me he was interested in doing the challenge but I would have to put him through. I was really excited an…


Hey Guys!

How are you and how was the weekend? I'm so sorry that I didn't put up a #mondayinspiration post yesterday, I had a lot of errands to run. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, (mides_thoughts & ms_mide respectively😊) you would know that my weekend was turnt! I ran from calabar for a few days and I came home to attend The Blogger Point's Brunch. This is actually the first time I'll be attending anything blogging related. As you guys know I'm a contributor for them and so I kinda like had to be there. Anyway this post is basically a report of all that went down on that day.

Normally, I'm not one to go out but one of the things we have to do in the selflove challenge is to step out of our comfort zones which I did (by the way do you know the challenge ends today?). So as I set out that day, my dad wanted to frustrate me to the point of not going again because we couldn't locate the place, if I knew I would have just called a cab or use u…

GirlsChat Series 5 || Girlfriend Vs Wife Duties

Hello Queens

I hope you all are doing great? Firstly let and say thank you for your participation in the Last Girls chat series and even for all the other ones as well, you guys are the best.
So today I have whipped up another interesting yet controversial topic and to be honest, I think I'm loving the "question and answer method". I asked a few ladies what they thought about the topic and they responded beautifully, you'll be seeing that In a bit.

So I was just sitting down when I started thinking about this topic. Now I believe that everyone most people go into a relationship with the hope that they will eventually marry the person. As they say "every relationship is a potential marriage" but does this mean that the roles of a girlfriend are the same as a wife's or are they different? Do you think that ladies who perform wifely duties when he hasn't even put a ring in it are desperate? Or the ones who don't are negligent and Proud?


5 Things You Owe Yourself

Hey Guys!

How was the weekend? Wonderful I’m sure. Mine was bittersweet; I had a swell time watching snaps and Instastories of bloggers who attended the Lagos edition of the Bloggerpoint’s Brunch, the team really did a good work of bringing so many bloggers together, I’m literally counting down to the Abuja edition. The sad part of my weekend was that there was no light throughout! All my gadgets were out and it was frustrating, but I came up with some amazing ideas while I was lying on my bed with nothing to do and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Now enough about me…

For those who are participating in the Self Love Challenge, we are now officially in the final stage-the growth stage! Whohoo! I can’t wait to blog about my experience after the challenge, so hang in there guys and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check Here

The last Monday inspiration post was about the things you owe nobody, (you can catch up Here) today’s post is about things you owe yourself and I…

GirlsChat Series 4 || Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

Hello Beautiful Ladies!
How has the week been so far? Splendid I'm sure. I'm so sorry for missing last week's Girl's chat series, I was so unmotivated but this week we are back with a bang! Today's topic is one that excites me so much, mostly because there are so many theories on this and also because I was able to adopt Danie's method of asking questions and putting it on here.

So let's examine the question...

Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

After reading Amiethegrace's hilarious post about this particular topic (check Here for it ), I had to ask her if I could use it for a topic on the #Girl'schat series and she was cool with it! So here we are.
Personally I think this is a rather tricky question but I won't say anything until later in the post, I even have a little story to shareπŸ˜‰. Don't forget that if you have any questions or topics you want us to discuss, you can let me know in the comment section or send an email to

7 Things You Owe Nobody At All

Hi Guys,

How was the weekend? Mine was turnt of course thanks to all of you. 😊 I must say I really appreciate the love, you guys made my day. I love you 😚

Having said that, it's time to get back to business. For those of us who are doing the Self Love Challenge , how has it been? Do you feel even a slight change in the aspect of loving yourself?  Are you having any difficulties? Please let me know in the comment section ❤

Now to the business of the day...

Do you know that every decision you make and everything you do in life should be based solely on YOUR own preferences and nobody else's? In other words, you owe nobody any explanation regarding any of your life decisions as long as it doesn't hurt them in the process. Now this might sound rather cruel or harsh but please don't take it the wrong way. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go about with your chin so high up without paying attention to people, as a matter of fact for you to love and appreciate yours…


Heeyyyy Guys,

It's my birthday 😊😊

Honestly, God has been toooo good to me, especially this year. It's like he's been dishing out all my birthday presents to me from the beginning of this year. His love towards me and my family is just too overwhelming.

In all of my twenty-two  years of life, I have had my fair share of blows, I have cried and wailed sometimes for sensible reasons other times not so much; like crying and asking to get taller because I was too small, but this Big God assured me that the height that he was taking me was far from the physical one, it is one that I have never even imagined.

My Dad once told me that the day I was born, there was a boy who was brought to the hospital in emergence, that boy didn't make it out alive so who am I that this big God is mindful of?  Severally, he has proved that he is the Light in my dark times, and as I turn 22 today I couldn't be more reminded of that because 22 represents Light.

This Big God has blessed m…

GirlsChat Series 3 ||10 Things a Woman Should Do Before She Turns 30

Hello Ladies,

It's been a minute, how have you been? Fabulous I hope?😊 I welcome you to yet another Girlschat series and today's topic was suggested by Adeola Babalola, a reader of the blog and a friend too. She sent me a link this morning and said she hopes I find something useful in it and I did, then I thought why don't I share it with you tonight? Anyway here we are.
Don't forget that if you have any questions or topics you want us to talk about you can send me an email; or leave a comment below.
If you missed the previous topics in the series, you can catch up Hereand Here.

So you're probably thinking that 30 is still far away so this list might not really be something you need, trust me it's closer than you think and having been that my birthday is on Saturday I am even more reminded how close it is (yeah I just stylishly told you about my birthday...againπŸ˜‰).

As ladies in our twenties, there are a lot of things we need to put in pla…


Hi guys,

First of all, Let me apologise for not posting yesterday as I said, I was very busy and that made me tired which is why I couldn't post, Please accept my apologiesπŸ™ hope your week is going well?

So I said this post is basically to shed more light on the 30 days self love challenge which has already started even though I haven't paid too much attention to itπŸ™ˆ.
I discovered that quite a number of people are not content with who they are, they might make it seem like it but deep down they are not. This is why we tend to compare ourselves with others; we'll think to ourselves "if only I had her hair, eyes, shape, life,etc". what we fail to realize however, is that this kind of behaviour eventually reflects on the outside because we tend to sway from side to side looking for anything that will benefit our dream persona- this shouldn't be.

This challenge is divided into three (3) parts;

Detox and CleansingAppreciatingGrowing Don't worry they're no…