GirlsChat Series 3 ||10 Things a Woman Should Do Before She Turns 30

Hello Ladies,

It's been a minute, how have you been? Fabulous I hope?😊 I welcome you to yet another Girlschat series and today's topic was suggested by Adeola Babalola, a reader of the blog and a friend too. She sent me a link this morning and said she hopes I find something useful in it and I did, then I thought why don't I share it with you tonight? Anyway here we are.
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So you're probably thinking that 30 is still far away so this list might not really be something you need, trust me it's closer than you think and having been that my birthday is on Saturday I am even more reminded how close it is (yeah I just stylishly told you about my birthday...againπŸ˜‰).

As ladies in our twenties, there are a lot of things we need to put in place before hitting the big "three-oh", by so doing we enter that phase of our lives so blissfully without panicking and having no clue about what to do without our lives. The twenties is actually a perfect time to do all of these because we are constantly experimenting and exploring a lot of options that make us better women.
Note: You don't necessarily have to do everything in the list, it's merely a guide and someone's opinion. Feel free to construct and reconstruct.

1. Live Abroad: I actually switched "lived" for "travel". The point is go to some place different, enjoy the scenery of another country, experience another culture different from yours but of course this depends largely on money, so I would say make enough money that will enable you travel and enjoy your time. But wait does going to Togo and Cotonou count? Just asking thoughπŸ™‡

2.Forgive Your Parents: So for some of us, our parents might have annoyed us for quite a number of reasons actually; choice of partner, course of study, career choice, and even some very personal issues but the truth remains that they are still our parents and there's a reason we were born to them. Also in the light of the self love challenge, (confused? Check here ) we are letting go of past wounds and things that are holding us back. Trust me when I say not forgiving is a huge limitation, forgiving however is liberating.

3. Learn a New Language: If there's anything I really want to do, it is to learn another language. I think it's really cool, because for people like us in the international relations line, it will go a long way in helping our career. I also think it gives you a sense of belonging especially if you're in the host country. So guys "aprender un nuevo lenguaje" that's Spanish by the way😊

4. Ask for a raise: So let me first say this before I proceed, if you're working like an ant and you expect to be eating like an elephant, it can't work, if you to decide to ask for a raise, you must have earned it. When you negotiate for a raise with your employer, it paints you as someone Who is serious and means business and no matter how cruel your employer is, it will definitely register in their head somewhere. If you haven't earned but think "I deserve it" and you want to ask for a raise, abort mission, I repeat abort mission🚫🚫

5. Learn More About Your Vagina: Now we are talking! Would you guys believe I thought that babies came from the pee-hole? No jokes! And it wasn't like I was a child or still young, I was in the university for crying out loud and I didn't know that babies came out from the vagina! Thank God I was amongst my friends when I said it, they still looked at me like I was stupid sha.  Jokes apart though, this is very important because the vagina is a very delicate part of our body, we need to know what kind of diseases we are prone to, how to take care of that sacred place and a whole lot more.

6. Learn how to Bugdet, save and get out of debt: This is like a constant struggle but the earlier we learn how to do all of these things, the better for us. We all want the good things of life, but how do we get it if we keep buying and splashing money on everything and anything? There has to be a boundary and this will enable us to really figure out what we want and what we need.

7. Learn to trust your intuition: Studies has shown that Successful women always trust their guts. You have to stop being so doubtful and go for it especially if there's a strong nudge that it is likely to work. If you sit on the sidelines because you're never sure, a lot of opportunity would pass you by and you will still be there waiting till you're sure. If it doesn't work out, you try again.

8. Create Something: I'm not talking about all them "ghen-ghen" art work or those kinda things, but if that's your calling, plead up for it. What I'm talking about however is creating just anything that makes you happy, something that you can call your own. It can be trying out new recipes, dance routines, writing a book,etc.

9. Stop Criticizing Your Body: It's like me and these people we are in sync, I mean this couldn't have come at a better time. One of the aspects of my self love challenge is Appreciating your self. If you love and appreciate your self, you won't have any reason to criticize your body but again it's way easier when said than some especially if that's something you've become accustomed to. I will tell you though that it is a gradual process and eventually you'll get there.

10. Befriend an older woman: You know what they say about experience being the best teacher? Yeah I think that's what they are saying here. But just because you're adviced to be friends with an elder woman doesn't mean you just go to someone who is still a "wannabe". We are talking about someone who is wise, someone who will tell you without sugar coating that you shouldn't do this because she has been there and it will only yield terrible results. Someone who will encourage you and have your back every time, I could go on but I think you already get it.

There you have it ladies. Do you agree with the list? What would you add or remove?

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  1. I've tried that learning a new language sturve. My brain is just closed to that area. lol.
    I'm loving the girl chat series. Nice!!

    1. Lool! I know right, it can be very difficult. Thanks for reading Gift❤

  2. Lmao... You just reminded me about a friend of mine in the university who never knew we had peephole, she thought we peed through the vagina... Can you imagine

    1. Oh wow!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I guess we really do need to learn more about our vagina. Thanks for reading Ebere❤❤

  3. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I have learned something that I thought I knew all this while. So, the pee hole is different from the actual vagina? I read this post and literally asked my Boyfriend where I pee from and he concurred with what was written and I was like "I never knew I had a pee hole." Damn, I never knew a thing like that existed!

    Luckily for me, I was pressed and had to feel myself taking a pee to get actual facts... and yeah, it's correct! Why didn't my Biology Teacher teach me this, or did I forget? So confused at the moment.

    1. Cherish this comment cracked me up!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I thought I was the only one who didn't know all these stuffs. Thanks for stopping by dear❤❤


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