Girlschat Series 1 || My First Crush

Hello Queens πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘,

Welcome to #Girlschatseries, as mentioned here, this is a collaboration series from Daniella and I, and it's going to run for a very long time I hope. So before I start my gist, I'd like to wish a very dear queen and an ardent reader of the blog a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Omorinsayo, may God make this year a wonderful one for you, we all love you😚

Now unto the topic of the day,

While growing up, I wasn't really exposed, never really went out especially before i went to secondary school, and so me and boys were πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…. But even then in primary school, we had people who "liked" each other and did some sort of exclusive stuff, I never really understood the whole concept though.
Getting to secondary school (I went to a boarding school), I saw that the whole "boy-girl" relationship thing was very rampant, but I wasn't expecting it to reach my zone anytime soon-well it did.

So i think probably in second or third term (can't really remember now) , i had this really cute purple umbrella that broke, and I was really looking for a way to get it fixed. Then this guy comes after seeing my struggle and says he can fix it, that I should give him and he'll bring it back when he's done. Obviously I have been in the same class with this guy for a while, but him coming to meet me and offering to help made me see him in a different way entirely.

LESSON 1: I'M ATTRACTED TO NICE GUYS ( but aren't we all😁)

He collected the umbrella and had it for a few days and in all that time, I was just documenting it in my "dairy", oh wait it's not what you're thinking. My dairy wasn't the fancy,  pinkinsh, girly one that has padlocks and stuff,  actually it was an address book from my dad's company which he gave me-yup! not fancy at all, but it served it's own purposes.

Anyway I wrote that Emmanuel (did I mention that my dad's name is emmanuel too) collected my umbrella and wants to help me fix it......blah blah. He then returns the umbrella to me fixed and I was looking for a way to show my gratitude, I didn't have much but I remember having some nice pencils, so I offered him that and a little token (maybe 100 or 200 naira ) but he said I shouldn't worry. In my little mind and heart, I had melted alreadyπŸ™‡ so I kept persuading him to take it, after all it wasnt even much but he never collected my pencils and my money.

(again, don't we all)

So this started our little "i like you, you like me" relationship. I kept documenting everything in my "diary" of course (which was later read by my aunties one visiting day like that😧 don't ask).

We went on and on till about J.S.S 2 or 3 and then something happened.
In my class, we had this fight between girls and boys where we weren't speaking to each other, unfortunately for me, my seat was amongst the boys, and they did everything to make me talk so that they will pounce on me. They kept making noise, farting and some really annoying things so I had to just talk. Mehnnn I should have just left that place o, they yabbed the living daylight out of me. One even said I was "shorter than the shortest pencil in his father's house", as I was trying to reply that one, a teacher came in and asked why I was making noise when prep wasn't over, before I could even answer, he slapped me. I can never forget that slap in my life, I couldn't hear anything for about 3 secondsπŸ˜‚.
In all of these you'd be expecting my "Prince charming" to take my side and all, neeh he just stood there and was looking at me when all them boys were attacking me.


I went to my hostel and cried my eyes out that night and I made up my mind that I was going to report them to the counsellor in the morning ( he told me to come to him when anybody bullied me or abused me) .
Perhaps Mr Crush got wind of the news, so he came to my locker in the morning and was apologising and said that I shouldn't report the boys, I'm like whatttt?!. I couldn't even look at him, so I just told him to go.


I didn't report the boys, not because he told me not to, but because i wasn't in the habit of telling in people.
After then, there was obviously no "flame" again. I mean we were young and naive, but every time I look back to my first crush experience, I realize that it sort of built my standards of the kind of person I want to be with eventually. I want someone who will stand by me and stand up for me, someone who will not care about some "man-ego" at the expense of my embarrassment, someone who will care genuinely about me, a girl is allowed to dream right?πŸ˜ƒ
This might sound clichΓ©, but I think my first crush crushed meπŸ™Š( I really wanted to say that)

So ladies I know it was a rather long story, but I hope you were able to pick a few things from it? What is your own first crush story? I would love to know.
P.s- Let's go to Danie's blog to see what she has for us todayπŸ˜‰
P.P.S- If you want us to talk about any topic in particular, let me know in the comment section.



  1. iLike!!!
    So, I'm guessing that it's not just my school that had that ish where boys and girls wouldn't talk to each other. smh.
    Hmm, I had my first crush when I was in primary in school. *covers face*. I didn't even realize that it was a crush until way later. lol

    1. Lol Gift thank you😚😚 as in ehn all these pettinessπŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      Thanks for reading hun!

  2. I went to a girls only boarding school lool. It was not until SS3 till I started thinking about boys in that manner. And when I started, I was rude ehn. Lool, I enjoyed reading this. I'm not even sure who my first crush is.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Lol, I can imagine 😊
      When you remember, let us knowπŸ˜‰.
      Thanks for stopping by Ola.

  3. This was a good read.
    It cracked me up at some point.
    My first crush was in primary school. Didn't know crush was the word till much later.

  4. This was a good read.
    It cracked me up at some point.
    My first crush was in primary school. Didn't know crush was the word till much later.


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