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The Testimony

Hey guys,

Long time no post. How are you guys and I hope you're enjoying this one day holiday?
My weekend was beautiful too thanks for asking 😏

So I didn't post after Monday last week because I was extremely stressed, I had to meet up with a deadline and I was undergoing serious pressure and I do not perform well under pressure at all. One time I had to leave work because my head was literally banging.
What amazed me in all of this is that despite my low moments, God still remembered me. I actually saw some of those things as a compensation for the worry I was going through.

This is exactly what I will be talking about today. It's easy to come up here almost every Monday and write about not giving up or being positive, but when it's time to actually put things in action, it's twice as hard. (Yes i'm human too) Some times I have to come back and read some of the posts again to be motivated.

Last week I was very tired and not just physically, especially because …


Hey guys,
How are you today? Hope you enjoyed your weekend? Well if you must know,😏 mine was hectic!😣 Like this weekend was probably the busiest my brain has ever been, or maybe not, Cambridge exam period wins everytime.
I had to write four different essays which i have to submit tomorrow, I went for my NIM class, and of course I had to plan for my blog posts this week. I was actually struggling with whether or not to post today because I'm actually very tired.

I decided that I was going to post no matter what because, failure to do so will be letting a whole lot of people and myself down.
So here's your Monday inspiration..
Yesterday in church, I was really blessed because it was like the pastor was talking to me, he talked about the 'success factor' and I was like yes! That's my post title for tomorrow, so I compiled a couple of important success factors.
 Purpose: In the journey of success, it's important to have a definite purpose so as not to do things a…

10 Tv Series You Should See

It's the weekend baby! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Technically my own weekend started from wednesday but nevertheless, I'm still happy...ish, I have classes tomorrow😒.
Anyway, how was your week? Productive I hope?
So if you know me well, you would know that I looove movies, more importantly, I love series and since you guys are a huge part of my life, I've decided to let you guys into my world of tv series- my top 10 actually. I am postitive you would like them.
So here are 10 Tv series you should get busy with this weekend;
10) Daredevil: This is a Netflix Original series. It explores the life of Matt Murdock who is an attorney by day and a vigilante by night. He was blinded in an accident as a child and he uses his heightened senses as daredevil to fight crime on the streets of New York after the sun goes down. Ladies, picture a cute, sexy guy, well he's blind but he can see in other ways πŸ˜‰ definitely a must watch!

9) Blindspot: When a beautiful woman with no memory of who she is and how…

Currently I am...

Hey guys,
How are we doing today? How many people is the 'strike' affecting? I actually went to work only to find my office gate locked and I'm like why didn't anybody call me or something?? They just allowed me to waste transport money πŸ˜‘
Anyways, I recently came across  a very nice blog I must add, she somehow reminds me of myself, we write similarly. You guys should check out her blog. So I saw this post on her blog "currently I am" and it was like a sneak peek into her life at the moment and I thought it was fun, I told her I would do same on my blog and she told me to go for it!

So currently I am,

Wearing a camisole and shorts since I had to take off my leather skirt and denim jacket that I wore to work😐

Admiring Adeola Fayehun, she's a beautiful U.S based journalist and she's also a correspondent for Sahara reporters. She's funny and she's just simply amazing. You can check out her show "keeping it real with …


Hey guys!
How was the weekend? Mine was very relaxing especially after the frustration of last week, have I mentioned that I hate banks? I'm sure I've done that but that's story for another day.

So you're probably wondering Historian turned Doctor? Nope not in a hundred years to come. I'll have you know however, that 'Detox' can be used in other terms asides the medical vocabulary.

For those who aren't sure, let me make it clear to you. Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism. It could also refer to a period of withdrawal after a long term of addictive substance. (Yup I did my homework)

Now obviously you already know I won't be talking about cutting down on carbs and fats, but rather how we can detoxify our minds, body, career and just life in general.
So let's begin our Detox journey shall we?

At some point in our lives, we've all found ourselves in really toxic and harmful environ…

21 Fashion Hacks For Everyone

Hey guys!
So I know sometimes, we have moments in our everyday lives when we feel like everything seems to be going on fine for us and we feel so happy and confident but all of a sudden, poof! It all goes south. In this moment, we want a quick fix, which is why I've put together some major fashion and life hacks in this post to enable you fix it real quick.
Here goes..
Removing red wine stains with white wine. Seems stupid eh? You just wait until you try it out, be sure to tell me how it helped *wink*  Remove Deodorants marks from your clothes by gently running a protective foam against the fabric and whala! It's all gone. I can assure you this isn't magic. Ladies, to get that oil from that beautiful handbag of yours, all you need to do is coat the mark with baby powder and leave it overnight, repeat this process till it's gone finally. Having problem organizing your closet, just arrange going from light to dark and from left to right. The most commonly used method is the…


"If the world was different then he would have lived a different life, but it wasn't and only he was responsible for the decisions he made" Pg 36.

So reviewing books is one of the features I plan on adding to the blog because i am a book lover and the very first book I'd be reviewing is this amazing book by Aminat Sanni-Kamal of .
I was particularly drawn to this book because it has this Nigerian setting and i have always loved a good Nigerian book right from my secondary school days. I always consider such books to be relatable.
This book isn't any different but it has its own edge and uniqueness.

"If the world was different" is a story centered around the ills of terrorism, indoctrination and misconceptions about the religion of Islam, revenge, love, secrets, regrets and mistakes, poverty and a whole bunch of other fascinating stuffs that everybody can totally relate to.
The twist in this book is off the hook! At some point I got c…

The New Look

*squealing in excitment*
Guyysss..notice anything different? Of course you do!.. I finally stepped up my game in giving the blog a new look.
How was the weekend? Mine was amazing thanks for asking. I went to see Barber's shop with my friends, it's a very hilarious movie but it's also a movie with depth, so it's a must watch.
So I know you're waiting for the part where I jump to 'inspiring' you, err..we will be taking a break from that today sorry😚 but its just because I want to basically talk about the survey that you guys filled, thank you for taking time out to respond to it by the way, means a lot.
Overall, I got good responses. More than 50% read the blog and that's really exciting, we can do better but that's a start at least.
Apart from making some little changes to the blog, I conducted the survey because I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog which is why I asked what you guys thought about the name "portable is the new h…

Risk it to get the Biscuit

Happy New month guys, how was your weekend and how are you enjoying the public holiday? I can see my day as a very lazy one, mans has got to rest you know😊
By the way, if you haven't responded to my survey, just click Here to fill it.. It's very important to me so please kindly fill it..Thanks.
So new month huh? The year is running by really fast and it'll be a shame not to have achieved something spectular at the end.
Personally, I think this grace that we are given is beyond amazing, I can't even find the perfect word to describe it. Everyday in our lives, we risk life and everything because we don't know whether we'll live to see the next day, whether our family will ever see us again, hear us laugh and all other stuff, but this grace is always sufficient for us in every step of the way.

So if you can risk life itself, what stops you from risking every other thing in life, Particularly the one you know will make you great? You might be wondering 'what i…