21 Fashion Hacks For Everyone

Hey guys!
So I know sometimes, we have moments in our everyday lives when we feel like everything seems to be going on fine for us and we feel so happy and confident but all of a sudden, poof! It all goes south. In this moment, we want a quick fix, which is why I've put together some major fashion and life hacks in this post to enable you fix it real quick.
Here goes..
  • Removing red wine stains with white wine. Seems stupid eh? You just wait until you try it out, be sure to tell me how it helped *wink*
  •  Remove Deodorants marks from your clothes by gently running a protective foam against the fabric and whala! It's all gone. I can assure you this isn't magic.
  • Ladies, to get that oil from that beautiful handbag of yours, all you need to do is coat the mark with baby powder and leave it overnight, repeat this process till it's gone finally.
  • Having problem organizing your closet, just arrange going from light to dark and from left to right. The most commonly used method is the ROYGBIV method. Don't be confused it's just the shortform for the colours Red, Orange, Yellow,...etc. But if you like to shake things up a little, you could go for the IOGRVYB method. If your problem however is arranging your closet in general, I might not be able to help with that cos I kinda have that same problemπŸ™Š shhhh 
  • Before taking your jeans to your tailor for amendment, wash it twice. Reason is because jeans will shrink in length when it is washed.
  • Still on the jeans matter, if you don't have the time or patience to try on your jeans in the store, use the neck method. You can determine whether or not your jeans will fit by placing the waistline of the jeans around your neck, if the waistline comfortably meets at the backof your neck, the jeans will fit. 
  •  Always hand wash your swimwear. Do not put it in the washing machine all ye lazy lads because it will lose its elasticity. 
  •  Got a lipstick stain on your dress? Use a hairspray to get it off. I bet some guys are happy about this one. haha 
  •  Do not put on a cloth immediately after ironing because this can cause new wrinkles on the cloth, so let it sit for a few seconds before you put it on.
  • Whenever you spill something on your cloth, do NOT rub, instead blot because wiping or running will allow the stain deeper into the fabric.
  • Ladies, Panty lines are not okay 🚫 Giuliana Rancic is of the opinion that "Every woman should invest in nude, seamless underwear" hmmmm, I concur. 
  •  Have your favourite shoes become so tight but you still wanna rock it one more time? Good thing you're reading this postπŸ˜‰ Fill up two nylons or freezer bags with ice cold water and place it in each shoe, and then leave it overnight. The more it stays in the shoes, the more the shoes expand. You're welcome!
  •  Sometimes, our jeans are too long and we just want to rip some of it away, no problem. Just tell the tailor to attach the original hem and you're good to go.
  • An invitation to a very dressy occasion is not an invitation to start playing trends. What's 'in' for me may not be 'in' for you, so why not do you and wow them rather than exploring and failing miserably at it.
  • Desperate to get that horrible smell away from your shoes, pour two or three spoons of baking soda and make sure it's evenly distributed. The baking soda will absorb the perspiration and the smell.
  • Always remember that 'Fit is king'. Avoid going out looking like you were thrown into the clothes. Also make sure it doesn't reach the case of a 'Bad fit disease'. Keep it in check.
  • When In doubt, stick to your signature style. 
  • Not in the mood to be too dressy? Pile on good accessories and transform that basic look into something nice.
  •  Accesories are good and made to compliment. When they are too much, it contradicts the law of complimenting and turns to something else, so lets keep it simple and easy.
  • Guys, no matter how stylish you are, an unkempt beard can be a buzz killer, so lets try to keep it trimmed now shall we?
  • Finally, this one is more like a tip though. Always invest in a superb pair of shoes. You dont have to be a shoe freak to get yourself a pair(s) of classy, expensive and awesome footwear. In recent times, shoes are really making their way to the top. Don't be left behind on the train, show that you're a classy person and buy more shoes.
Which of the hacks can you relate to and which one do you think I left out? I would love to know your thoughts In the comment section.
In other news, so yesterday i was really having a bad day thanks to these fraustrating institutions we call banks (I really really really hate banks) and then I decided to calm myself by going through instagram. I recently joined a bloggers forum and they wanted us to share our blogging story with everyone and so immediately I opened my page I saw that my story has been published. Yaay! 
I mean it might not seem much to some people but it's a starting point. So if you haven't read my story, you can check it Here
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