Hey guys,
How are you today? Hope you enjoyed your weekend? Well if you must know,😏 mine was hectic!😣 Like this weekend was probably the busiest my brain has ever been, or maybe not, Cambridge exam period wins everytime.
I had to write four different essays which i have to submit tomorrow, I went for my NIM class, and of course I had to plan for my blog posts this week. I was actually struggling with whether or not to post today because I'm actually very tired.

I decided that I was going to post no matter what because, failure to do so will be letting a whole lot of people and myself down.
So here's your Monday inspiration..
Yesterday in church, I was really blessed because it was like the pastor was talking to me, he talked about the 'success factor' and I was like yes! That's my post title for tomorrow, so I compiled a couple of important success factors.
  •  Purpose: In the journey of success, it's important to have a definite purpose so as not to do things amiss. When you have a clear reason for doing something you love, it will keep you going. It's also important that you keep revising these purposes because like they say "change is constant".

  • Zeal: After outlining your purpose, you need to be tirelessly devoted to achieving your purpose and goals. Enthusiasm and passion will help you go a long way, because even the days when you feel down and tired like i am feeling today, you will be 'gingered' to do what you love. 

  • Interaction with people: No man is an island of knowledge. To be successful In life, you need to interact with people who will add value to your life. You might know something and not know how to go about it, don't be too proud or to shy to ask, there's a Yoruba proverb that says "anyone who asks for directions will never miss the road". Take the chances of networking at every given opportunity.
  • Skill: Everybody has one thing or the other that they are good at and this is what distinguishes you from the next person. However, to become successful, you need to avoid being complacent. You have to empower yourself because the world is changing and as you increase your skill through study and experience, you will realize that you are getting better. Developing a thirst for more will help you launch you to the next level of your career.
  • Positive mental attitude: I think I've said this one way too many times but that doesn't mean I'll stop because it's a mindset. Training Yourself to see the good in every situation will open your eyes to what others are too negative to see. Being positive is a mindset. These days, a lot of people have resigned to fate because things are not going as planned, the only thing that will separate you from the lot is a positive mental attitude. Now you'll ask me "who positivity don epp?" And I'll answer the people who are patient enough and can see far.

  • Character: You can have the purpose,zeal and a positive attitude but with a bad character, you're just another plague to be avoided, so what's the point? Self discipline, humility and honesty will open numerous doors for you. When people know that you're a trustworthy person, they will want to associate with you and they will even recommend you to other people. Build your character.
  • God: I saved the best for last. The most important success factor is God whether we like it or not. We can acquire and acquire but if we don't include him, we are deceiving ourselves, it's important to have a partnership with him.
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P.s- it turns out people like my top 10 Tv Series yaay! But you guys didn't give me suggestions on anyone to watch😒 epp me please.

Have a beautiful week ahead.


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