The Testimony

Hey guys,

Long time no post. How are you guys and I hope you're enjoying this one day holiday?
My weekend was beautiful too thanks for asking 😏

So I didn't post after Monday last week because I was extremely stressed, I had to meet up with a deadline and I was undergoing serious pressure and I do not perform well under pressure at all. One time I had to leave work because my head was literally banging.
What amazed me in all of this is that despite my low moments, God still remembered me. I actually saw some of those things as a compensation for the worry I was going through.

This is exactly what I will be talking about today. It's easy to come up here almost every Monday and write about not giving up or being positive, but when it's time to actually put things in action, it's twice as hard. (Yes i'm human too) Some times I have to come back and read some of the posts again to be motivated.

Last week I was very tired and not just physically, especially because everything was going south and not looking like it will work at all. What I realized though, was that I was still smiling because each day came with its own surprise.

On Tuesday when I logged in to instagram,  I saw that I had won a giveaway I had earlier participated in. I had actually zeroed my mind because i always say i don't have the 'head' for winning free gifts. I mean it might not seem much but it made me very happy because I won myself a pretty bag and a branded mug. I was smiling so much and It gave me the boost I needed to work that day.

The next thing was that I got paid. Before that day, I had been extremely 'rich' and this was part of what was weighing me down as we all know the situation of things at the moment. I was just sitting down and thinking about how I will go for my cds the next day when i got the alert.

As if that was not awesome enough, I also got a wonderful email the next day. I had earlier applied for the post of a weekly contributor for The Blogger Point (the guys that posted my blogging story on their website They recently launched their online magazine and were looking for writers, so I applied.
On Friday, I got the email that I had been given the post, So I'm officially a contributor yaay! Your girl is gradually going places guys😊😊

What crowned it up was the fact that I was able to meet the deadline I talked earlier about. I had given up in my mind already but God wasn't done yet and I was just doing my own. By the time I was done and I was just looking back at all the amazing things that happened last week, I was just too perplexed at how things turned out, I didn't expect any of it, yeah I was hoping and praying for most of it but I didn't expect them to come that fast.

I know that sometimes it seems like everything isn't going the way we planned and we are at the verge of giving up, in times like this, just have it at the back of your mind that the most important success factor has your back. All you need to do is be positive and believe. It's definitely going to quite difficult but its always worth it eventually.  I didn't share the story for the purpose of 'congratulations', as you know it's #Mondayinspiration and I thought it might inspire someone to hang in there and not let go.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely week filled with testimonies.

Quick question, what are you grateful for? I would love to know In the comment section

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