Risk it to get the Biscuit

Happy New month guys, how was your weekend and how are you enjoying the public holiday? I can see my day as a very lazy one, mans has got to rest you know😊
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So new month huh? The year is running by really fast and it'll be a shame not to have achieved something spectular at the end.
Personally, I think this grace that we are given is beyond amazing, I can't even find the perfect word to describe it. Everyday in our lives, we risk life and everything because we don't know whether we'll live to see the next day, whether our family will ever see us again, hear us laugh and all other stuff, but this grace is always sufficient for us in every step of the way.

So if you can risk life itself, what stops you from risking every other thing in life, Particularly the one you know will make you great? You might be wondering 'what is she saying'? I know exactly what I'm saying. The biggest risk in life is not taking any risk at all.
Yeah I know taking risks doesn't always come easy, in fact, we would have to think and analyse a whole lot of things before we can even consider taking risks. It happens to the best of us.
Many of us while growing up had the perfect idea of all that we wanted to do, for some, we had almost 4 different professions in our head but as we grew, we started to discard these ideas probably because we realized that wasn't our calling anymore but what of those who still had it in their power to achieve this? but all because 'it's better safe than sorry' you decide to let go of those dreams.
You need to understand that life begins outside your comfort zone and the more you put yourself out there, the better you become.

For you to become acclamitized to taking risks, you have to be daring, have an urge for trying out new things, adopt the creative lifestyle, and lot of other things that means coming out of your shell.
Taking risks helps you stand out and shows how confident you are because it means you're not satisfied with the 'normal' way of doing things and you yearn for more and so you become a sort of reference point, the one who is willing to go all the way.

Taking risks makes you see failure in a new light. You begin to realize that when you fail, you succeed at figuring out another way of not doing it and if you don't fail, you succeed so technically it's a win-win situation, it does not just seem like that most times. If you don't risk failing, then you can't succeed.

Risks helps us to learn and those lessons lead us to a new path where most people are not plying. But remember that for you to succeed, you cant do what everyone else is doing, you have to add a little edge to your own for you to stand out and be recognised.

Change is the only constant thing as we all know. Taking risks allows you to adapt to change and helps to shake things up.
You might ask 'what if taking the risk doesn't work?' As long as there's a problem, there's a solution and if this particular problem seems like there's no solution, at least you tried and there's probably a reason why the problem is not budging.
Trust me when I say it's better than that sick feeling of regret in your stomach knowing you could have taken a chance.

My friend Kuti once pushed me to go for a Project Fame audition, I almost said I won't go again because i was very nervous and on getting there, I saw a lot of GREAT singers, I mean people tell me that I have a nice voice but hearing all these great voices I felt I didn't have a chance. But then I was the only one who could reassure myself that taking this action was worth it and i just had to give my best. I also had one of my friends with me who was also telling me to just calm down and do my best.

Getting to the judge, I sang my heart out literally, he told me to sing 4 songs because he was looking for a 'bite' only God knows what that is. Eventually he told me to come back next year and prepare more. To my own amazement, i didn't feel bad, I just accepted it in good fate and concluded that it was truly an experience.

Anybody who knows me well will know that I'm very conservative and trying new things is not really my strong suit so that audition was a big deal for me because, I risked getting rejected and putting myself out there. Yeah I didn't get into the academy but I know that next time I have to sing with a 'bite' even if that means finding whatever that is.

So even though I'm the writer, I also need to take my own advice and get out of my safe haven and put myself out there more.
As for you beautiful people, don't forget to risk it to get the biscuit.

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