Hey guys!
How was the weekend? Mine was very relaxing especially after the frustration of last week, have I mentioned that I hate banks? I'm sure I've done that but that's story for another day.

So you're probably wondering Historian turned Doctor? Nope not in a hundred years to come. I'll have you know however, that 'Detox' can be used in other terms asides the medical vocabulary.

For those who aren't sure, let me make it clear to you. Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism. It could also refer to a period of withdrawal after a long term of addictive substance. (Yup I did my homework)

Now obviously you already know I won't be talking about cutting down on carbs and fats, but rather how we can detoxify our minds, body, career and just life in general.
So let's begin our Detox journey shall we?

At some point in our lives, we've all found ourselves in really toxic and harmful environments and we have been in too deep for a long time that we don't even know what fresh air really smells like again.
In no particular order, here are some ways by which you can detoxify yourself;

  • Set Goals. I'm not talking the overly ambigous goals now, yes it's wonderful to dream big but let us take a few minutes to be realistic okay? By now you should have a journal where you write down your dreams,goals and aspirations. This makes it easier for you to know how well you're doing in achieving them. A Journal is not overrated believe me. Get yourself one.

  • Distance yourself from negativity. I don't think I can ever stress this enough. Negativity is one very toxic element that we sometimes unknowingly get ourselves into. Trust me when I say it is bad for anything you're doing. You have to be careful of the kind of words you hear and dwell on. Avoid words like 'i can't do it, I'm not capable, it's too hard,etc" Whatever idea you have, put it into action and steer clear off the negative road. Anything is possible if you believe.

  • Schedule your social media time. Social media has become a powerful tool in modern Times and almost everybody is on one social media or the other. My dad thinks he's now really 'cool'  since he  joined Facebook. He would often say "I sent something to your 'wossup' (whatsapp) check it" One time he even told me he was on Twitter, yeah he was joking. My point,Social media is very good and useful but also can be a time-sucker if not properly regulated. Regulate time between when you should get work done and social media time, that way everybody wins.

  • Be motivated. I recently came across a website and they have a YouTube channel as well "Tedtalks". Apparently, TED is a motivational conference that takes place in several countries where they bring in different speakers to talk on diverse topics, yesterday I was watching one and a boy of 17 who was suffering from progeria was the speaker, it was so inspiring. I decided that i will make time every week to watch at least two videos on Tedtalks. You can also read books that will inspire and motivate you, that way you shed every toxic weight in your body. 

  • Separate time for Fun. Yes all work and no play makes Mide a very cranky girl. As much as it's important to work, we also need to have fun. Work can bring worry, stress and all their family friends. Those things are harmful, they need to go with the wind.

  • Choose the right company. Company as in friends, acquaintances, lovers etc. Sometimes, the people we move with are our greatest problems. If we are with people who don't support or share our goals, there will be a conflict of interest and this could be very toxic. We need to be around people who are moving along the same path of success like us, people who will support us no matter what. If you have noticed that your 'friends' repeatedly bring you down and stress you out, i say drop 'em like a hot potato. Life's too short to waste time on people who dont have your best interest at heart.

  • Take care of yourself. We can shout from now till next year about how we need to make it and climb that ladder of success, but who will climb if it we are in the hospital or something more disastrous? We need to take very good care of ourselves for us to be in good health and sound mind. Eat healthy, workout, dress well and just do whatever makes you happy.
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Quick question, what other ways go do you guys think we can detoxify ourselves?
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