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PORTABLE DIARIES: 4 kinds of People Who Approach Me

So if you're a portable person or a friend of a really smallish person, then you will be able to relate with this post. If you haven't read any of my portable diaries before, you can check here

Having said that, how are you guys doing?
Last day in the month of January right?? The year has started flying again, I just hope we are all doing our best to acheive our set goals.
This post is really just something to make you smile and relax so I do hope you enjoy it.

As a portable person, I have come to realize that there are certain categories of people who approach me, and I also realized that each person has their own assumption of my age and what not.

These are the four categories of people who normally approach a portable person;

1) The Ones Who Think You're Way Younger Than You Really Are: I go to some places and some people look at me and even attempt to treat me like I'm 12 or even less ( okay I'm exaggerating πŸ˜†). While I was serving, I got looks that was as …

Life Lessons From Watching "2 Broke Girls"

I know I've been MIA for a while now and I apologise for that. It has just been one of those days that leaves you feeling uninspired and not willing to do anything. Thank God for graceπŸ˜—.

Today's post is one I like so much because it has to do with movies and analysis. You can call me stale or late but yeah, I just started watching the series "2 Broke Girls" this last holiday and honestly I don't regret taking time to see it.

I trust you guys are fab? Okay.

As much as I had the time of my life laughing while watching this series, I realized that there are tons of lessons to be learned from it. I mean yeah, Max is sarcastic and rude, while Caroline is clueless and stuck living in the shadows of her former life so what then do we really have to gain from this duo?

You know when they say "opposite attracts"?

Yeah. That was my thought when I decided to do a post on this. The "2 Broke Girls" gave us the true meaning of TEAM (Together we achieve mor…

The 'Me-Time' Tag: What I do when I'm alone and Free

Hey Guys!

How's the weekend going?

 My blogger boo Danie did a post on the 'me time' tag ( you should read it by the way), and she tagged me which I'm very excited about because I love me some "me-time". So I thought to myself, what better time to put up a post like this than the weekend when you're actually enjoying some of that time;

Here goes...

1) What do you watch/read during me time?

I could watch whatever is available and I'm interested in, but currently I am watching "2 broke girls" and I'm loving every bit of it! As for what I read, let me first say God bless whoever came up with wattpad because that app is a lifesaver. I have a lot of interesting books stored up there so when I'm having my 'me-time' , I usually start with a movie and and with a book.

2) What do you wear during metime?

Shorts and oversized tees for the win! 😊😊

3) What are your me time beauty products?
Okay, I don't really do the whole beauty ro…


Remember in this postwhen I said I was thinking of introducing a new segment to the blog? Four months later and Tada!

Welcome to Style Personality! Like I said before now, it's going to be a monthly thing and i really don't want to make it too clichΓ© by restricting it to fashion bloggers alone, (but that's not to say we won't have bloggers on here) rather, i want to 'dig deep' and bring out some very stylish people whom you've probably never come across before.

I hope your week is going wonderfully well? Mine is too.

Unto the business of the day...

Our style personality for this month is someone I've known since my Uni days and I can confidently tell you that her style is on point! (then & now). I might not be one to dress up and all but I know a great fashion sense when I see one. She's extremely creative when it comes to putting pieces together and that's what I really love about her. I've been on her neck to start a fashion blog for s…

Monday Inspiration: 5 Growth Hacks You Should Know

Hey Hey Hey!

Yeah I know that we're 9 days into 2017, but since this is my first post of the year, it's only right that I say Happy New Year!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
I pray that this year will bring forth pleasant Surprises for us all.

Thank you again for your all your love and your support in the past year, I can assure you that this year will be way better.😊

Today's #mondayinspiration is basically to gear us up for the new year as well as to push us into achieving all our goals (which I hope you've set by the way!).
Growth is a fundamental part of our lives but we also have a role to play for that growth to be realized.

In this post, I have put together five (5) ways of achieving growth in every aspect of our lives.

1) Move From Where You Are: I've talked about this countless times, and this is just to prove that it is something that must be taken into dire consideration. Growth and success can only come when you are willing to break out from the normal life you're used to.