Life Lessons From Watching "2 Broke Girls"

I know I've been MIA for a while now and I apologise for that. It has just been one of those days that leaves you feeling uninspired and not willing to do anything. Thank God for graceπŸ˜—.

Today's post is one I like so much because it has to do with movies and analysis. You can call me stale or late but yeah, I just started watching the series "2 Broke Girls" this last holiday and honestly I don't regret taking time to see it.

I trust you guys are fab? Okay.

As much as I had the time of my life laughing while watching this series, I realized that there are tons of lessons to be learned from it. I mean yeah, Max is sarcastic and rude, while Caroline is clueless and stuck living in the shadows of her former life so what then do we really have to gain from this duo?

You know when they say "opposite attracts"?

Yeah. That was my thought when I decided to do a post on this. The "2 Broke Girls" gave us the true meaning of TEAM (Together we achieve more). A lot of us are blessed with these great ideas and we don't even know how amazing they are until someone comes along to open our eyes to see the value of what we possess. Sometimes, we don't meet these people under normal circumstances. In fact, they might be people we will not usually be 'friends' with, but the moment we decide to give it a chance, we begin to see positive changes.

Now relax and let me blow your mind...

1) Laziness is not an option: The first thing that came to my mind is :
" Go to the ant thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!" -Proverbs 6:6
The 2 broke girls were not lazy! Max had about 3 jobs before Caroline came along and she got only about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. While I'm not saying that you should work yourself to death, you need to be dilligent with whatever you find yourself doing. Yes they might have been working for sometime without anything to really show for it, but at some point, the hustle paid. The end goal is not just about amassing wealth because it might not even last at the end of the day as in the case of Caroline, but it is so that you won't be a burden to anybody. Nobody likes a liability so you better quit sleeping!

2) Invest in Relationships That Add Value To Your Life: If you read my post on friends here , then you will know that we have friends for different reasons and purposes. The question now is which one of these relationships is really adding value to your life and helping you attain that height you want? It's high time you took a step back and evaluate those relationships and friendships before it becomes too late. Max and Caroline's friendship is a proof that if you invest in the right relationships, it is a win-win! I'm not saying their friendship was perfect or without flaws but they were able to settle their differences and push forward.

3) If You Don't Walk, You Won't Know That You Can Run: ...And if you don't run you won't know that you can fly... You get the drift already. Max had been making cupcakes for the diner before Caroline came into the picture, but she never considered the fact that it could be the one thing that would change her Life and even become a brand recognized by the Kardashians and 2chains! Lol. Seriously though, taking one step is all you need to do, it made Max go to Catering School and eventually made them the proud owners of a dessert bar!

4) Sometimes You Might Need To Do Away With The Life You Have To Get The One You Truly Deserve: Very explanatory. Caroline was used to being the rich, blonde, spoilt girl who got everything she wanted but tragedy struck when all that wealth was discovered as someone else's. She had to start over. My point is that she got to start on a clean slate...ish (if you remove the diner and Max's apartment from the equation). But it made her a co-owner of a business venture that she can defend anywhere. Max on the other hand, also got rid of her fear of success, and became more comfortable around money.

5) You Can't Afford to Give Up: Why? Because you're in charge of your own future. At some point, we get tired of pushing, of trying and failing, of just being unsuccessful. If there's anything I learned from this series, it is to never give up.
You can't just afford to, you have to look for anything that will inspire you to keep moving forward and just stick to it.

That's it guys! If you haven't started this series, you need to ASAP!

Over to You...

Do you watch "2 Broke Girls"? What are your thoughts on the series? I would love to know.



  1. I so so love the series.. It's really amazing how they manage to keep forging ahead despite their countless setbacks.
    I think what kept them going was that they had a goal in mind. At the beginning,they wanted to own a cupcake shop and they knew they would need $25,000, so they worked at it irrespective of all the downs. I mean, these girls have gone through hell..and now they own something bigger than they ever dreamed of. They inspire me to keep moving..
    If you haven't watched it, please go and find it.
    Deola������ this is a wonderful post.

    1. Preach Sister!!!They inspire me too❤
      Thank you for ale taking time to read mimi πŸ’•

  2. You just keep wow- ing me.
    That was Very very helpful. Thank you

    1. Aww Daniel thank you, I'm glad it could helpπŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. DUDES THANK u u helped me in my project very much


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