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3 Things Every 20-Something Should Know and Do

As twenty-somethings, we all have this constant urge in our minds, that we must have everything figured out. Many thanks to social media which consciously or unconsciously remind us of how many of our peers are making waves and we're almost the same as we were.
One thing we fail to realize is that things aren't always as they seem.This urge weighs on us so badly that we begin to think of venturing into about 100 things all at once forgetting that we are not machines.

A friend once told me that on his birthday he's always sad because it always dawns on him that he's getting old and not so much has been achieved. I remember telling him that these things happen step by step and just because it's not happening now doesn't mean it won't happen forever.
I'm not saying it's bad to be ambitious, as a matter of fact, I love people who have prospects, people who know what they want and are ready to go after it and what better time to do it than when you'…


Hi guys!
Frinally (see what i did there😊?) , it's the weekend. Hope you guys are having fun already? Me I have to get up early 'cos NIM classes😒
Anyway, I thought to write a little fun post to keep you busy this weekend. First I'll start with a story..
So, yesterday, I went to the bank and was on the queue about to use the ATM when this man walks up up to me all smiles, and asks "sorry how will you reach the machine?"
First instinct was to say "Excuse you?" But i was in a normal mood even though I wanted to pee so badly. So I just smile and tell him he shouldn't worry that I'll manage. As you guessed, he didn't stop. He offered to come carry me, that one just made me laugh but then I told him that won't be necessary and that I'll probably just stretch and all. That didn't stop him. He then went further to say that thank God there's a bin there so I could just flip it over and stand on it. This one just made me hysterical, …

The Liebster Award

Hey guys!

How's the week going?

Firstly I'd like to thank Moyin of who nominated me for the Liebster award yaaay!

Relax, I'll explain what the award is all about. The Liebster award is a fun way to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard and the rules are really simple. What you have to do is...

~ Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster award
~ Display the Liebster badge in your site
~ Answer the questions you were sent
~ Choose 5 (to 11) blogs to nominate
~ Send 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

So I'll be answering the questions moyin sent to me.

What is the worst fashion outfit I can never see you in? Okay I think there are some mesh outfits that are making waves now that  reveal all the glory of God on someone's body from head to toe, yeah I won't be caught dead wearing that.
Dream place to be proposed to by that special someone is? You know I don't really think I have a dream place …


Hey guys!

How was the weekend? Monday again huh? I know. We'll get through it.
I'll first like to say thank you for your responses on the last post, I pray that we'll all find God sent better half, and if you don't know anything about what I'm saying all you gotta do is click HERE and join the fun.

So some weeks back, I stumbled on a Ted talk, (remember this? If not check this post)  and the guest speaker for this one was Ashley Graham. She's a beautiful Plus sized model and a body activist.
 She started off by looking into the mirror that was placed in front of her and she started saying nice things to herself. She said she wouldn't trade her arms or thighs for anything in the world even though some people will refer to it as 'big'. I particularly liked the way she started and this really kept me going.

She talked about how she suffered self esteem issues, how she was body shamed and a whole other setbacks. All these is now history because she made…

To Have And To Hold?

Hey Guys!
How's your Friday going? I had a really long nap which is why I'm posting at this time, I think I'll say my Friday is going wonderfully wellπŸ˜‰

So some days ago at work, we were discussing about some particular marriage cases, ( this actually contributes a large percentage of cases we receive every week) and I didn't know when I brought out my pen and book and started taking notes, I actually mentally laughed at myself.

One woman came and said she wanted a divorce after just being married for 8 months. We were shocked but it's obviously not our business, so we told her that Our Commission cannot dissolve the marriage and that it's the court's duty but if the man had been abusing her in any way then, we would be able to come in.

The person who was interrogating her asked her why she wanted the divorce?
She said it was based on infertility on the side of the man. He didn't say till they got married and he'd had …


Hey guys!

Have you ever felt an intense need to vent your anger and emotions and you just can't?
Reason being there's always someone or something that stops you midway and allows you to calm down,which is a good thing before you do something you'll regret. But at this point in time, you just want to keep going without stopping. It could be through using those deep quotes on bbm or whatsapp because in your heart of hearts, you want someone to reach out to you and ask what's wrong at the same time you don't want that. It's almost like you're bipolar for a second.

It could also be that you just want someone to listen to you without judgements or words whatsoever, thank God for some friends that we have, they're so good at listening as a matter of fact, I like to think I'm a good listener myself 😌
Now my point is what exactly do you do at this moment when it seems like you want to explode with rage?
Going all ballistic helps some people because when …

6 Ways to Become Productive

Hi guys!
How was the weekend? I hope you're not caught up in the 'monday blues' situation? As for me I could really use a little more sleep😩 I'll survive though.
Let me use this medium to say Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers, family and friends. I pray that this during this period, all of your prayers and supplications will be granted.

So my last post garnered quite a number of interesting and insightful answers, the sad part though is that you guys won't put your comments here😒😒 
You guys are wonderful and brilliant people, the rest of the world needs to know that, please start commenting πŸ˜‰

For today's Monday inspiration I'll be talking  about 6 ways to be more productive, from my point of view of course. So sit tight and relax.

Get enough sleep: This comes first because I love to sleep, and anyone who disturbs me when I'm sleeping usually 'gets it' from me, you can ask kuti. Anyway, getting enough sleep really goes a long way in ma…

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Hi guys,
How's the day going so far? No work or Cds for me so, I'd say great! Plus my giveaway winnings came in today, they're beautiful😍😍
Anyway, I realized that it's been really long since we had a relationship post So I decided to do one today.
I saw this question somewhere and I said I'll write on it as well ask you guys, "Can you be friends with your Ex?"

As we all know break ups can be very messy and difficult at times but that's not even the tricky part, how do you relate with such person after it's all over?  Do you decide that you want to be pals and buddies  or do you just decide "good riddance to bad rubbish"?

Note: When I say friends, I don't necessarily mean besties.

Let me tell you my own little story and why I think it's actually possible to remain friends with your Ex.

I was in a relationship with someone once, and after a while, he ended it. Normally I felt terrible and tried to get through it by every means po…

Awesome June

Hey guys,
Happy New month!!!

You know, i actually had a different post for today but then I realized it was a new month so i had to change it but don't worry, check back here on fridayπŸ˜‰
It has an amazing past few weeks for me and I'm indeed grateful to God. The months are running by fast or is it me?πŸ˜•

While receiving all my goodies in May, I also learned some valuable lessons and I'll be sharing them with you.
The month of May taught me;

To Hold on: Because it will be alright eventually. That's why one of my best songs is Hold on by the walls group. I was extremely weary in May and it really wasn't pretty especially towards the end of the month but as the saying going "it's always darkest before the dawn".
To take chances: The only person standing in between you and yoir dreams is you. Before I applied to The Blogger point, I was very scared because this is not something I'm used to. I'm only familiar with my own little circle and to now do s…