Hi guys!
Frinally (see what i did there😊?) , it's the weekend. Hope you guys are having fun already? Me I have to get up early 'cos NIM classes😒
Anyway, I thought to write a little fun post to keep you busy this weekend. First I'll start with a story..
So, yesterday, I went to the bank and was on the queue about to use the ATM when this man walks up up to me all smiles, and asks "sorry how will you reach the machine?"
First instinct was to say "Excuse you?" But i was in a normal mood even though I wanted to pee so badly. So I just smile and tell him he shouldn't worry that I'll manage. As you guessed, he didn't stop. He offered to come carry me, that one just made me laugh but then I told him that won't be necessary and that I'll probably just stretch and all. That didn't stop him. He then went further to say that thank God there's a bin there so I could just flip it over and stand on it. This one just made me hysterical, it was too funny. After all the shades, he then asked if I was a student, blah, blah blah and he apologized but said he just couldnt help it.
Story of my life!

Coming home and searching for what to write on today, I stumbled on this site that had the topic "perks of having a short girlfriend" and I was like yes! You people need to know how awesome we are before you throw shades at us. I mean it's not like we can't do our own back, in fact, we are ever ready to return the favour. Lol but you still need to know that Portable is the new hotπŸ˜‰
Here are a few things they mentioned;

She's Undoubtedly Adorable
I have this friend who talks to me like I'm some teddy bear or whatever. You know that funny way of talking when you're talking to a baby or even a cute dog? yup that's the one. Me I'm just always looking at him like "what's wrong with this one?" He would say "you're so cute" trying to touch my cheeks and all. I even saw him today and did the same thing. These guys are of us opinion that shortness by default comes with the cure factor and I totally agree because I'm cute duuuuhhhh!

She's cute when she's mad
I know we are talking about girlfriend here but I can't help but think this is why my brother hardly listens to me when I'm busy shouting at him. You know he's so tall and I'm down there making noise and he's just looking at me smiling and obviously not paying attention to what I'm saying at all. But as long as cute is in this sentence, imma let it go.

Forever Young
This is what all my aunties and uncles use to "console" me. They would tell me "don't mind anybody jare, when you're 40 nobody will even know". Of course I know that, we portables age gracefully, and yes it is a perk😊😊

Easy to pick up and move around
Can you imagine, like I'm a piece of paper or toyπŸ˜•. Truth is I've always had a problem with people carrying me so this particular point might not be really be 'sweet' for me but I'm hoping to come around just for my Prince charmingπŸ˜†

She'll save you time
This one is offensive as well as hilarious. Everyone knows that women normally take longer time to dress up, but when you have a short girlfriend or wife, you can both share the mirror conveniently without you getting late. I'm like "whatttt???" So mean.😁

She looks banging on heels
Well of course we do! You don't have to accommodate the fear of someone towering over you but you can relax because you have a sexy portable lady by your side with killer heelsπŸ˜‰ you're welcome.

Perfect Cuddling Buddy
Need I say more? I guess not

● Her hugs and kisses are everything
You know they are! Everyone knows how cute the 'getting on her toes' thing is. That way it's easier for you to kiss her on her foreheadπŸ˜—

She's the Forever type
I didn't say this, they did. They said studies has shown that short women tend to stay around longer and one of the reasons is because she would feel like you have accepted her with her flaws one of which is her height. Personally, i would say that one is your business. Dude, I am wonderfully and fearfully made and like my pastor always says this God is a God of variety. So this ain't no flaw baby. It's either you're willing to stick around or you're not. I would however support the fact that we are the Forever types☺.

Where are all my Portable ladies???
I hope you enjoyed this post because I had fun writing it. Let me know what you think in the comment section. See you on Monday.

Image source: buzzle.com


  1. Thanks Mide... tho i had to edit everything while reading and fix the pronoun 'he'.

    I like the part where u stressed being short aint no flaw. You can imagine how painful it is when ladies turn me down coz i'm short even tho i'm 5ft6'' 60kg. I just have this portable is the new hot body :))

    #ShortGuysRock #ShortGuysDontCheat #ShortGuysAreTheForeverType

    1. Lol, wande I can understand but that's the spiritπŸ˜‰ thanks for stopping by

  2. Nice blog you've got running Mide. ��

    1. Hey Nihinlola, thank you so much really means a lot!


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