Hey guys!

Have you ever felt an intense need to vent your anger and emotions and you just can't?
Reason being there's always someone or something that stops you midway and allows you to calm down,which is a good thing before you do something you'll regret. But at this point in time, you just want to keep going without stopping. It could be through using those deep quotes on bbm or whatsapp because in your heart of hearts, you want someone to reach out to you and ask what's wrong at the same time you don't want that. It's almost like you're bipolar for a second.

It could also be that you just want someone to listen to you without judgements or words whatsoever, thank God for some friends that we have, they're so good at listening as a matter of fact, I like to think I'm a good listener myself 😌
Now my point is what exactly do you do at this moment when it seems like you want to explode with rage?
Going all ballistic helps some people because when they're able to restructure one unlucky person's face, they feel good..I think.
I'm not much of a fighter though, actually I'm not a fighter at all but I'm sure You knew that already..lol. Anyway, I won't advice anybody to take any violent measures because You never know the extent to which damage can be done, except you want to take your violence to the punching bag in which case I'm sure it'll be just fine so, feel free to hit that.

I actually read somewhere that hitting the punching bag is a good way of releasing steam, I should try it sometime..On a second thought, maybe not.
If the punching bag doesn't seem to agree with you or vice versa, you need to look for that one thing that relaxes you. A friend once told me that whenever she's really upset she starts singing and doing chores and I'm like ' whaaattt? ' because as for me, I'll first break all the dishes and then pour water all over the floor or something that childish. I'm obviously exaggerating but my point is when I'm angry I just want to sulk so then why on earth will i stand up to start doing chores? Like I said do what relaxes you the most.

The funny thing about this post is that most of it was written when I was extremely angry, like I really wanted to scream and shout but I couldn't so I thought to myself 'what can I do to calm down?' So I took a deep breath, went to my memo and started typing. If you noticed, the first part of this post was a little bit more intense than the rest of it, trust me i had to edit and remove a lot of things for it to palatable to your eyes. As cliche as this might sound, I started to relax gradually it was as if I was transferring the emotions to the phone with every description i was making, and so now I know that writing helps me calm down.
I know that writing won't work in every situation, so I'll definitely have to look for an alternative therapy.

One other thing I do is I talk to myselfπŸ™ˆ(please don't judge me, I actually read somewhere that it's healthy to talk to yourself).
You know all the things that I would have said to whoever pissed me off, I would start saying it, only that the person would be absent. Eventually when I see that it's probably becoming creepy, I just lay down and maybe I'll fall asleep.

Getting angry is absolutely normal, but when we now allow that anger to take over us and makes us very swift to act, then that's where the problem is. Even my Bible tells me that "Be angry but do not sin".
It's very important to look for whatever will put your mind off that which angered you and find solace in it. Don't forget to also take a deep breath, believe me, it really helps.

So guys, what therapy do you use in calming yourself down when you're really angry? Please let me know. Thanks in advance😊😊



  1. Nice post. When I'm angry I like to eat, it relaxes me but it's not healthy as I tend to add so another thing I do is record a voice note or write how I feel, sometimes the writing is more like drawing. For example if I feel really angry, that paper could tear. If I feel messed up, my drawings are mostly nonsense. Another thing I do is to scream into a pillow. Finally, if I can cry, I cry, it's the best for me but most times the tears don't come out so I just sulk most times

    1. Lol, I know right,I just want someone to ask me what's wrong when but not everytime though. Thanks for reading and sharing 😊


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