3 Things Every 20-Something Should Know and Do

As twenty-somethings, we all have this constant urge in our minds, that we must have everything figured out. Many thanks to social media which consciously or unconsciously remind us of how many of our peers are making waves and we're almost the same as we were.
One thing we fail to realize is that things aren't always as they seem.This urge weighs on us so badly that we begin to think of venturing into about 100 things all at once forgetting that we are not machines.

A friend once told me that on his birthday he's always sad because it always dawns on him that he's getting old and not so much has been achieved. I remember telling him that these things happen step by step and just because it's not happening now doesn't mean it won't happen forever.
I'm not saying it's bad to be ambitious, as a matter of fact, I love people who have prospects, people who know what they want and are ready to go after it and what better time to do it than when you're young.
My point however, is that if it doesn't work out now, you shouldn't beat yourself over it. Don't compare yourself with others. Your Journeys are not the same and the earlier you accept that, the better it will be.

I put together 3 Things that every 20-something should know and do in order to help you age gracefully and live a life free of regrets.

1) Learn How to Accept Failure and Forgive
 As I said HERE , mistakes are a part of life and making them doesn't make you a failure, it means you've learned another way not to do that particular thing. Also learn to forgive especially when that anger is directed at yourself.  Life is too short to stay mad at anybody or yourself. Just let it go and you'll see how much good it'll do.

2) Help people Understand you
This is my favourite point. Your process of growth might be strange to people most especially your friends or people might think you're becoming snubbish especially when you decide to to a detoxMy best friend said to me the other day that I just grew up suddenly. He said some things I would normally laugh at or probably just allow to slide, nowadays I take seriously and some of my recent decisions also prove that I have grown. To me its both good and bad. Good in the sense that growth is good and neccesary but bad because I'm coming off as a stranger even to my best friend. I am doing everything possible to make sure I remedy that and involve him in my growth process. I believe people who you care about and vice versa should be involved in your success journey so that there won't be a conflict of interest.

3) Learn New Things
As I said in  this post , what distinguishes you from the next person is your skill and what will make you eventually stand out and be a reference point is if you keep learning new things. Be inquisitive in a good way. The time for sitting on the sidelines is over, it's time to pick up the oars because the journey continues.

I hope you had an amazing weekend?😊
Were these tips helpful? What other tips would you recommend?

P.s I will be taking some time off to prepare for my exams so i won't be posting but I'll be back soonπŸ˜‰ just don't forget to pray for me and keep spreading the word.

Have a lovely week.


  1. That was good����
    Keep it up :)

    1. Thanks dear and thanks for reading too ☺

  2. Thanks for this post and all the best in your exams love..

  3. I love the picture that says the space should inspire not terrify us. Saved it. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Hey Olaitan, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by dear😊

  4. Lmao I love your bio, Osshey portable squad...and yes to that wearing a nice pair of heels to get noticed.
    I'm recently learning to accept failure and involve people in my growth process. Great points here


    1. Girlll you know this!πŸ˜†thanks for reading tolulade, really appreciate it😚


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