Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Hi guys,
How's the day going so far? No work or Cds for me so, I'd say great! Plus my giveaway winnings came in today, they're beautiful😍😍
Anyway, I realized that it's been really long since we had a relationship post So I decided to do one today.
I saw this question somewhere and I said I'll write on it as well ask you guys, "Can you be friends with your Ex?"

As we all know break ups can be very messy and difficult at times but that's not even the tricky part, how do you relate with such person after it's all over?  Do you decide that you want to be pals and buddies  or do you just decide "good riddance to bad rubbish"?

Note: When I say friends, I don't necessarily mean besties.

Let me tell you my own little story and why I think it's actually possible to remain friends with your Ex.

I was in a relationship with someone once, and after a while, he ended it. Normally I felt terrible and tried to get through it by every means possible even if It meant getting a rebound (worst decision ever! ). It took me about a year to finally conclude that I was okay and over it...Or so I thought.

Now coming to calabar for Nysc, guess who I saw? Dude had also been posted here. The first day i saw him, i was like 'God why me'?😒. I even tried hiding my face and pretended to be pressing my phone, but you guys know I'm not hard to miss at All. I mean, I was already in a good place but seeing him after I had groomed myself just wanted to break me. This was even the easy part.

I happen to be very good friends with one of his closest friends so I kinda get to see him almost frequently.
On many of my visits to their house, he'd try to make small talks and stuff but this girl wasn't having it, I already mastered the art of blocking unwanted energy so I blocked and blocked. I didn't even want to know if it was a friendly chat, me I was just protecting myself from getting hurt again.
Yeah, that probably doesn't seem like progress, I know.

One day while I was just looking at him, I made up my mind there and then that this part of my life was over and done with so I might as well ease up on my blocking skills (not entirely anyway) and be nicer to the dude. I don't know what happened that day, but I didn't feel any resentment or hate towards him, I also didn't feel the need to get back with him either.
Dude and I can sit down and laugh together, tease each other and just do random things generally without issues arising.

Personally, I think relating with your Ex on a friendship level is a thing of the mind and entirely your decision. You have to decide and say that you're fine with it. And even if you decide not to remain friends or have any relationship at all with an Ex, it's more than okay.
 I mean nobody expects you to be friends with someone who mistreated you or abused you. If you feel that having any contact with them is going to break you, affect your confidence and self esteem, please it is not by force, let them go. You don't have to prove anything to anybody not even yourself.

 Forget all those maturity talks, you are the one wearing the shoe and you know exactly where it hurts. But if you're sure that it doesn't matter, cool!
So I know I'm not an expert on this kind I thing, this is just what I think.
What do you think? Please let me know in the comment section if being friends with an Ex is a good or bad thing.

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Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!



  1. I totally agree with you. I think it all depends on what grounds you guys separated. If it wasn't so pretty, there's no need hanging on to all that baggage.

  2. All I am saying! Thanks for reading Gift☺

  3. I agree with you. If being friends with your ex is gonna threaten your peace of mind, let it go! It's not by force.


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