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I'll first like to say thank you for your responses on the last post, I pray that we'll all find God sent better half, and if you don't know anything about what I'm saying all you gotta do is click HERE and join the fun.

So some weeks back, I stumbled on a Ted talk, (remember this? If not check this post)  and the guest speaker for this one was Ashley Graham. She's a beautiful Plus sized model and a body activist.
 She started off by looking into the mirror that was placed in front of her and she started saying nice things to herself. She said she wouldn't trade her arms or thighs for anything in the world even though some people will refer to it as 'big'. I particularly liked the way she started and this really kept me going.

She talked about how she suffered self esteem issues, how she was body shamed and a whole other setbacks. All these is now history because she made up her mind not to wallow in that negativity any longer.

Prior to this video, I had watched a video that was circulating on Twitter about a lady who wanted to sue her mother for 600 dollars because she was black. Apparently the lady took her father's light complexion so I think this was messing with her brain making her think she was white. So she left home and left her old mother.

When the woman started looking for her she said her mother was stalking her and she even denied her! Little did she know that her mother was dying and all she wanted to do was let her little girl know. Of course the Judge ruled in favour of the mother and ordered the lady to listen to whatever her mum had to say.

The only thing that distinguishes these women from each other is self love.
One chose to accept herself the way she is amidst anger, hatred, bullying while the other chose to change herself just to fit in to what she wanted to be.
Self love is loving the person that is already there as opposed to the person that you think you should be. It is self understanding, self acceptance and self care. Many a time, it is often misunderstood with narcissism and vanity. It is important that we do not confuse them together. While self love is absolutely important for growth and success, narcissism will only bring a person down.

When you love yourself, it removes every form of low self esteem, it replaces it with confidence. Therefore, you become your own person without directly or indirectly asking anyone for permission to function.
Self love and understanding gets rid of anger, hatred and timidity. It brings about self acceptance, self forgiveness and self accomplishments.
You and I both know that you can't give what you don't have, so if you spend all your time wallowing in self pity and worrying about what people are saying, how do you intend to be productive? 
You must first appreciate and love yourself before that love can extend to other people.
Let's even chill on the productive aspect for a minute.
Health wise, self love has a lot of benefits. When you understand self care, you will know that you have to take good care of your body for it to function well no matter how anybody sees you. It gives you a clearer head and a sound mind. It opens your eyes to see that there's no one like you, you're the best there is.

So beautiful people, look into the nearest mirror or anything that serves as one and say to yourself "i am beautiful/handsome, I am the best and I am the boss".

As a result of this post, I'll be doing a 30-days self love challenge starting in August which is also my birthday monthπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒand it's opened to as many that want to join me. I'll keep you updated☺
Please let me know your thoughts on Self Love.


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