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Girlschat Series 2 || "Body-Shaming" & "Trolling"

Hello Beautiful Ladies!
 How have you guys been? First of all let me say thank you for your participation in the Girlschat Series, it really means a lot to us, and if you missed the very first post on the series you can catch up here .
Don't forget that if you have any topic, questions in your mind that you would want us to talk about anonymously or otherwise, you can send me an email; or let me know in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you❤

Now unto the topic of the day...

While I was making my usual social media rounds yesterday, I went on Twitter and saw some tweets about "A-cups and B-cups" and I saw that some people were already throwing jabs at themselves about which was better and sexier. I also noted that the word "fat" and "flat" were very prominent in these tweets. I mean it didn't take me up to 5 minutes to realize that some people were attacking themselves over which body type and boobs looked bet…

Finding Your Motivation

Hi guys,

Monday huh? Hope your weekend was splendid though?
So lately I've been in dire need of motivation, as I've been doing a whole lot of things that are draining my energy both physically and psychologically, and because I have to be inspired in order to inspire others, I have been looking for ways to motivate my myself.
During my search, I came across some things that would help me find and remember my motivation. I will be sharing them with you as're welcome 😊

~You always have a choice!
Choosing how you see things, the kind of company you keep, the kind of vibes you entertain, etc solely depends on you. If you decide that you want to keep dwelling on fears, side-talks of others, negative thoughts, then you would see yourself going downhill and not really achieving anything but if you train your mind to see the good in everything rather than complain, things will eventually take a good turn.

~The Problem is not the Weight, it's the way you carry it

Girlschat Series 1 || My First Crush

Hello Queens πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘,

Welcome to #Girlschatseries, as mentioned here, this is a collaboration series from Daniella and I, and it's going to run for a very long time I hope. So before I start my gist, I'd like to wish a very dear queen and an ardent reader of the blog a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Omorinsayo, may God make this year a wonderful one for you, we all love you😚

Now unto the topic of the day,

While growing up, I wasn't really exposed, never really went out especially before i went to secondary school, and so me and boys were πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…. But even then in primary school, we had people who "liked" each other and did some sort of exclusive stuff, I never really understood the whole concept though.
Getting to secondary school (I went to a boarding school), I saw that the whole "boy-girl" relationship thing was very rampant, but I wasn't expecting it to reach my zone anytime soon-well it did.

So i think probably in second or third term (can't r…

My Faves At The Moment

Hello lovelies,

How's the week going? Great I hope!
So this post is basically just a fun post and nothing serious, I was in a bit of a rut and I decided to cheer myself up by sharing some of my faves of the moment with you guys.

Here goes;

~My purple suede block heels: I literally cannot get over these beauties. If you follow me on snapchat(@ms_mide) you would have probably seen how I gushed about these shoes. Plus I got a free bottle of coke for ordering πŸ’ƒ(haters will say so?)πŸ˜‹

~My Blue strappy heels: Oh did I forget to mention that I looove heels? Check Here  to read about my love for heels. One of the perks of being small is that if you have tiny feet like mine, all these friends that stroll by and then disappear with parting gifts won't be able to take any parting giftsπŸ˜‰because it won't even enter their legsπŸ˜†

~My Makeshift Blog Planner: So I've been wanting to get the 2016 cassiedaves blog planner but then I was like the year is almost ending so I'll just…

5 Ways To Feel Rich Without Money

Hey guys!

How's the weekend going and how's the weather wherever you are? it's been raining nonstop over here, so it's a little bit cold. It's all good though. I hope you guys are fine?

So you're probably wondering how I want to convice you that you can be happy without money right? If I were you I'd feel the same, but before I go into all that, I have a very important public service announcement to makeπŸ“£πŸ“£

Ladies get in here, this is for you.

I would be starting a series collaboration next week with one of my blogger friends, Daniella of (she's an amazing blogger too, check out her blog!) and we call it the "Girlschat series". When she told me about it, I was really excited because you should see the juicy topics we have outlined for you Queens. We will both share our views on different topics and then we leave the floor open for you guys to chat with us and other ladies by leaving your comments.
Let me give you a…


Heyyyyyy beautiful people!

OMG! I feel like it's been ages since my last post, did you guys miss me? Wait, Don't answer that, I know you didπŸ˜‰. I really really missed you guys and I missed blogging as well. You won't believe that half the time I was constructing posts title in my head and I already have a lot of juicy stuffs lined up for you guys😊. Too late to wish you a happy New month? Neeh I don't think so.

I'd like to thank those who reached out and checked on me during my exams, and to those who were thinking it too, I appreciate all of you, God bless and honour you. My exams were honestly very technical and brain draining😝 but I thank God for seeing me through and I know it's a success story already.

So basically this is supposed to be a #Mondayinspiration post, and what I have chosen to talk about today is how we need to keep pushing forward and never give up. Yes I have a "gazillion' posts on this particular topic but honestly, this exam re…