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#mondayinspiration || 3 (+1) Reasons For Personal Development

So I know it's been very quiet in here, and no excuse can really justify that, this is why I am humbly coming to you guys to say I am sorryπŸ™
I actually got a freelance job that has been taking all my time, (you know I'm a freelance writer right? Please help your girl to broadcast) I was working on a tight schedule so I couldn't really do much on here.

I hope I'm forgiven? It's been a while, how have you been? As the year is gradually coming to an end, how are those goals coming along? Great I hope.

For today's #mondayinspiration post,  we will be looking at something very crucial to our success in life- personal development.
Everyday we spend alive is another opportunity to work on ourselves and develop ourselves, and I'll be sharing some reasons why personal development is important.

1) It Makes You Open To Various Opportunities: Personal development takes you a step further and makes you a whole lot better. It means you are leaving your comfort zone and …

#mondayinspiration || 3 FEARS WE SHOULD NOT BE DISTRACTED BY

In the past few days, my devotional has been talking about living a life of impact and a purposeful life. It went further to analyse some of those things that will hinder this development; things like fear.

Fear is one thing that can conveniently destroy a person's life in a matter of seconds. I mean, yeah at some point in our lives, we all get scared of various things, death, failure, betrayal, etc.
These fears will always be there, but how do you turn the situation from that point of vulnerability to a point of action?

In today's post, we will be looking at some fears that we should not be distracted by.

1) Fear Of Not Succeeding: This fear is so crippling that we may even get carried away with the success of others, that we forget to focus and work on our own. We get almost obsessed with the pace of another person's success that it becomes a pressure on us. Don't let the fear of not succeeding distract you from the main goal- your success.

2) Fear of Thinking You D…

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Start Working On Personal Branding

I've only started reading and learning more about personal branding myself and its importance, and because I'm nice, I decided to share with you guys. You're welcome! 😏

Oh, and you might want to stick around till the end, there's a mini giveaway happening.

How was your week? Awesome I hope? Mine was very brain-taksing, but I loved it!

A few days ago, my dad sent me a whatsapp broadcast message which is even what prompted this post, so not all those messages are unnecessary, but I digress. This message talked about how valuable personal branding is in our society today, and whether we like it or not, we all have our personal brands in one way or another; your social media platforms, skills, portfolio, your CV, all of these sums up your personal brand.

Though it might look rather serious, personal branding is simply a process of marketing yourself and your skills to the world at large and getting paid while at it. So rather than let the world have a weird perception ab…


Welcome to a new week guys! Thank God for the past week, now it's time to crush some more goals starting from today!
How was your weekend? Mine was amazing and I'm not even joking! All I can say is this God! πŸ™†πŸ™Œ

Now let me ask you, what affirmations did you make this morning? What positivity did you speak into this week? What things did you remind yourself of? Oh, you didn't do any of these? You need to!

During the weekend, in one of our devotions, my dad raised a question that struck me like literally, he asked "why is it that some youths won't be rich?" We all answered to the best of our abilities, but that question refused to leave me alone. It was then I realized that there are certain things we need to constantly remind ourselves of everyday that will then prompt us to action.

Stay with me...

1) Remind Yourself That Laziness Is Not An Option: Laziness is the attribute of a sluggard and I'm pretty sure you're not one. Don't be idle, make sur…


Happy New Month Fam! 
Welcome to the month of double grace, May we continue to experience grace everyday of our lives.
It was real quiet here last week, but I hope you caught up with all the posts till date because we're moving forward from this week!
For today's post, we're taking stock, I know you were probably expecting a #mondayinspiration post, but not to worry there are many more of those coming your way. For today, let's get personal a bit and chat a little. Shall we?

Here goes...
Wondering: How september went by so fast! Honestly, I can't believe we're just two months away from the end of the year.
Reading: 'sans famille' one of my french literature books. It means 'without a family', it's about a young boy who had to move from one family to the other. Pretty emotional and interesting.

Watching: Prison break from the very beginning. How come nobody told me about that series? It's so interesting and addictive, ugh! 
Drinking: 'So…