5 Important Reasons Why You Should Start Working On Personal Branding

I've only started reading and learning more about personal branding myself and its importance, and because I'm nice, I decided to share with you guys. You're welcome! 😏

Oh, and you might want to stick around till the end, there's a mini giveaway happening.

How was your week? Awesome I hope? Mine was very brain-taksing, but I loved it!

A few days ago, my dad sent me a whatsapp broadcast message which is even what prompted this post, so not all those messages are unnecessary, but I digress. This message talked about how valuable personal branding is in our society today, and whether we like it or not, we all have our personal brands in one way or another; your social media platforms, skills, portfolio, your CV, all of these sums up your personal brand.

Though it might look rather serious, personal branding is simply a process of marketing yourself and your skills to the world at large and getting paid while at it. So rather than let the world have a weird perception about you, package yourself, pitch and let them know what you and your brand are all about.

In today's post we're going to look at 5 important reasons why you should start working on your personal brand NOW!

Here goes...

1) A lot of brands and individuals want to work with other people the market trusts, people that have been "validated" or "pre-approved" and that's the power of referral. Once a particular person knows that you can get the work then, they help you spread the news. So, It is now left for you to make your brand one that can be trusted and efficient.

2) You will be open to a number of collaborations, becaause people want to collaborate and work with with others who already have an audience of their own. That way, it's a win-win situation for everybody. You can be rest assured that this will not happen if you don't put yourself out there, network or work on your brand.

3) People are more likely to work with those who are sure of what they are doing, so you have to put in some extra work when it comes to personal branding. Take professional courses if you must, go for trainings, read books and do researches. Look for ways to make yourself better. Personal branding is one investment that serious minded people just have to do.

4) People inherently trust people who have a presence of some sort; online presence, public presence, etc. This is the point where you make your voice heard in every of your social media platforms, that this is what you do and you're pretty good at it too! It's all part of branding. A good place to start will be Twitter, you already know that's like my best app ever. On a daily basis we see tweets of several individuals talking about what they do or what they need, and I can say I have benefited from that as well, so you might as well join the train.

5) Branding yourself gives you a sense of fulfilment to a certain level, it might seem like a big step and somewhat scary at first, especially when you see that people are starting to respond to your ads and giving you assignments to carry out, but it's one decision that you won't regret. All you need to do is pay attention to trends, how are people doing it now? what are they doing to make themselves known? Don't be left behind.

If you are a constant, dominant and excellent  force in your field, then people of like minds  are going to want to connect and collaborate with you. Publications will want to feature you. Clients will want to work with you. Audiences will look to you for guidance. The list goes on and on. Owing a Personal Brand is what establishes your value in your particular niche or market—and will do nothing but open doors of opportunity for you.

A good place to start will be getting business cards, this is something that I've heard over time and because it's extremely crucial to my brand, I'm already working on getting my own, you should too. It's just something that comes in handy at different opportunities when you have to network. Your business card should contain your ;
• Your Full Name
• Your Personal (active) email address
• Your Website Url
• Your Professional title (content creator, fashion illustrator, make-up artist, freelance writer, etc.)
• Your Location
• Your Phone Number

Your networking skills too, should be off the charts! This is not the time to be shy or quiet, if you can do something let people know, go to events that you know will have some potential clients and network like a pro.

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Over to you...

I hope you liked this post? What are your thoughts on personal branding? Is it something you see yourself doing? Let's talk in the comment section.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mide ♡


  1. Your post have really been inspiring and soul searching.. There is just something your blog that is so different from others. I love your blog and everything about it. Hope to see more.... And thanks to demilade for being my alarm clock...

    1. Thank you so much dear, I really appreciate your kind words, cheers to more inspiring posts! And yes let's thank Demilade the alarm clock tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Giveaway time.. Lol
    Today's post is just what i need to motivate myself more coz personal branding has always been my problem but with this I'm motivated that's why I'll start from here.. So I'm a hair stylist, i make wigs and also a mua Demilade can testify *winks* you can DM me on IG@____nevaeh or @hair_by_precious_ I hope to hear from you

    Giveaway time!!!!! I hope i win this time
    So yeah your blog has inspired me in so many ways you can't imagine.. I always look forward to your next blog post.. Nothing should be discarded biko... I'll love more motivational posts and funny ones too to ease stress yunno lol.. Thank God sef I've been following both handles from day one....

    1. Baby Girl! I have seen some of your works and you are good! Welldone, and smart move starting here, glad the post helped❤ Don't worry because you put up your profile here, people will begin to patronize you by God's grace. More motivational and hilarious posts coming right up!

  3. Amen oooo i claim it!!!
    Thanks maami I'm humbled


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