Welcome to a new week guys! Thank God for the past week, now it's time to crush some more goals starting from today!
How was your weekend? Mine was amazing and I'm not even joking! All I can say is this God! πŸ™†πŸ™Œ

Now let me ask you, what affirmations did you make this morning? What positivity did you speak into this week? What things did you remind yourself of? Oh, you didn't do any of these? You need to!

During the weekend, in one of our devotions, my dad raised a question that struck me like literally, he asked "why is it that some youths won't be rich?" We all answered to the best of our abilities, but that question refused to leave me alone. It was then I realized that there are certain things we need to constantly remind ourselves of everyday that will then prompt us to action.

Stay with me...

1) Remind Yourself That Laziness Is Not An Option: Laziness is the attribute of a sluggard and I'm pretty sure you're not one. Don't be idle, make sure you're doing something, and not just anything, but something that is in line with your purpose. Only then will you do exploits.

2) Remind Yourself That it's Okay To Be Contented But Never To Be Complacent: Let me bring it to your notice that contentment has different levels. When you're too contented, then you have graduated to the level of complacency. At that level, a lot of people of people that you started together have moved several steps forward, but because you're trying to play it safe, you remain in your safe square. The outcome of such is usually regrets.

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3) Remind Yourself That You're While Others May Stand Out, You Were Made To Be A Standard: Of course, you don't become a 'standard' by just saying it or thinking about it, you get up and do something about it! Life moves very fast in different stages, it totally depends on you.

4) Remind Yourself That You're Not Too Young To Make It Big: To some people, it might seem as if you're putting uneccesary pressure on yourself, no that's not the case here. If you know anything about speaking things into existence, you'll know the importance of these reminders. True, everybody has their time as destined by the Almighty to hit that jackpot, but you would also agree with me that it is who he finds making an effort that he will bless. God is not a respecter of of anybody and that includes your age, you're not too young to make it!

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5) Remind Yourself That God is Responsible For Whatever Level Of Success You Have Attained And Will Attain:
"Pride lays people low,
    but those of humble spirit gain honor." - (Proverbs 29:23)

Need I say more? I think not!

That's all for now guys, see you in my post!

Over to you...

What are the things you remind yourself of everyday? Let's talk in the comment section.
Have a blessed week ahead!



  1. Point 5 is so important, I'm glad you mentioned it. All five points are really great Mide, thanks for sharing! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by Demmie❤❤


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