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Positivity or Negativity?

Hello beautiful people
How y'all doing? I know it's another Monday but I hope you tried to have enough fun throughout the weekend to last you for the week? I tried too.
So I've been experiencing a little of what you call 'writer's block', for those who don't know, this is a situation whereby a writer is basically 'blank' or doesn't know how to portray an idea in writing (you can Google it for more information). Anyway, after cracking my brain and hitting my head on the wall, (you know I did no such thing*wink*) I finally got something,hallelujah somebody? Amen.
First of all I want you to say to yourself that "i choose positivity today" (no jokes,say it :|)
Having said that, let's move on.
Positivity and negativity are two main choices we deal with everyday and in almost everywhere we find ourselves. Now whichever one we pick goes a long way in shaping how we think and our attitude towards life in general. Let me shed more light on…

Thank you

Hello lovelies,
How was your weekend? I hope Valentine's day was good for you? Mine was utterly tiring,annoying and BORING! Someone should please remind me never to go out In calabar during any festive season,the whole place was literally swarming with human beings in red and white, and please where was the fashion police when we needed them??
Anyway I hoped you liked my love letter to you guys ;) a lot of people thought I was refering to one special somebody and I'm like what??? When I wrote that piece,I was thinking about all of you and if you read it well you'll realise that. You guys really rock! Just this morning I realised I got 3000 pageviews already,I mean what a way to start the week. If I could,I'd write little love notes to you guys everyday (you know only you people can see my mushy side) just to show you how much you guys mean to me.
I will never stop saying thank you because you guys are the reason I do this, so thank you for pushing me,for believing in m…

From your valentine ♡

My love,
If i could find the words to express how I feel,to show you my heart,my mind and my soul,if I could find the words to say what you mean to me...
Many times I sit down and think of how much joy you have brought into my life with each passing day, and I can't but thank God for bringing you into my life.
You've been my friend,my rock,my happiness,my family and my everything. Through the good and the bad,your love has been consistent and never ending.
Words fail me at this very moment because your support towards my dreams and aspiration in life is what keeps pushing me forward and never makes me relent. You can be rest assured that I will not disappoint you ever.
From the days of my humble beginnings,you believed in me and even up to this very moment,you have never stopped. Whenever i'm not doing it right,you waste no time in correcting me and telling me how I could do better. Each time I see and hear your kind words, it warms my heart and believe me when I say I wou…


Hi guys, How was your night? I hope you slept well?trust you did.
Anyway so it was brought to my attention yesterday that a lot of people were not able to put their comments on the last post, I really want to apologise for that because honestly I can't seem to understand why that happened. So please as regards the giveaway you can drop your comments below this post so that I'll be able to pick the winner but also I'll like to say that if you don't have a gmail account, you can choose other options to comment and then you hit the publish button, you should also know that your comment has to be moderated before it can be viewed so you might not see it immediately you post it but it'll show eventually,you just have to be patient. Please follow the steps below;
Don't forget all you have to do is write in nothing less than 30 words,a creative piece about a 'shirt' and that baseball shirt courtesy of kols_tailor (if you dont know who that is,read the last po…


Hello Beautiful People, how was your weekend? I trust you had fun? I'm sure you did. I never thought I'd say this,but I didn't want my weekend to end because i had so much fun! but what can a girl do :(
Moving on..
Its another week,another inspiration! Yaay!! Okay for today I'll be sharing another interview session with you and this time I interviewed a young entrepreneur who is into fashion designing and believe me when i say he's really really doing well for himself and he's good too (I know this because he made a customized sweat shirt for me and I love it!) I actually decided to interview this dude because each time I look at him, I'm always really encouraged myself because if someone so young can be so hardworking and struggling to make a name for himself, then I really have no excuse (not like I'm that old sha)  This guy discovered his talent at a young age,groomed himself and now it's taking him places.Are you still thinking and waiting for a…

Hello February

Hey guys,
Good morning and happy New month!
Welcome to the month of love♡♡♡♡ ;)
Thank God for sparing our lives to see yet another month in 2016, let's bear in our minds that not everybody who saw January are still standing today,are you better than them? The answer is No! It's just the grace of God that has kept us till this very moment and for that we are grateful.
For some of us January was awfully long and didn't eventually go as planned,well I'm happy to inform you that because this is a leap year, we're leaping into everything good and so there's no cause for alarm.
I'm particularly happy because God has started something great already in my life this month and I'm sure it'll extend to each one of you.

You just make sure you do what makes you happy, dont involve yourself in any pettiness(you're way better than that),don't stop believing that the lines have already fallen for you in pleasant places,fall in love,eat well,and just have f…