Hello Beautiful People, how was your weekend? I trust you had fun? I'm sure you did. I never thought I'd say this,but I didn't want my weekend to end because i had so much fun! but what can a girl do :(
Moving on..
Its another week,another inspiration! Yaay!! Okay for today I'll be sharing another interview session with you and this time I interviewed a young entrepreneur who is into fashion designing and believe me when i say he's really really doing well for himself and he's good too (I know this because he made a customized sweat shirt for me and I love it!) I actually decided to interview this dude because each time I look at him, I'm always really encouraged myself because if someone so young can be so hardworking and struggling to make a name for himself, then I really have no excuse (not like I'm that old sha)  This guy discovered his talent at a young age,groomed himself and now it's taking him places.Are you still thinking and waiting for a billion dollars before you start something? JUST DO IT!
Please Read,enjoy and be inspired...

A: Hi, can you please introduce yourself
K: I'm Amusat Kolade Muktar a.k.a kols_tailor,owner of Kols clothing
A: So what exactly does kols_tailor do?
K: I'm a fashion designer/Stylist
A: How did you get the idea for your business?
K:The whole idea was from my boss, whom I learnt fashion designing from
A: How long have you been in this business?
K: 4years
A:  That's quite a while, what have been some of your failures and what have you learned from it?
K: What I see as my major Failure is expecting too much from people instead of working hard/smart. I've learned that I have to work hard and smart to grow well in the business
A: Who are your role models?
K: Zinnicouture of YBNL ,Yomi casuals & Intl Sahar Clothing
A: How do you go about advertising and marketing your business?
K: Majorly on social media Platforms
A: Can you remember your first sale?
K: Yeah, way back in secondary school
A:Wow! Can you share the experience with us?
K: When I was in jss3, I made a school trouser for a friend and I got paid
A: Aww thats cool...Do you have people working for you or is it a one-man thing?
K: People work for me
A: Ha you're a big man o! I gather you're still a student?
K: Yeah
A: How are you able to combine both business and academics together?
K: It's difficult though ...But it's been God all the way
A: Okay so a little bird told me that a few Nigerian celebs have patronized you,is this true?
K: Yes
A: Can you please tell us their names?
K:Young John the wicked producer & Dj Enimoney (Ybnl's official Dj)
 A: That's really cool..who/what will you attribute your success to?
K: My Mom & Allah
A: Now let's go to my favorite random questions okay?
K: Alright
A: What meal can you cook perfectly?
K: Rice
A: Smh..On a scale of 1-10, rate your "shoki" dance
K: 5
A: Are you involved in a relationship or a situationship? Don't lie
K: Not in any at the moment
A: Okay o if you say so.. In your next life would you want to be a Nigerian again?
K: Yeah
A: Alright so if you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
K: Work hard & Believe in yourself..Avoid disappointments
A: Thank you so much for your time Kolade
You can follow kolade on Instagram and Twitter with the handle: @kols_tailor and if you want to reach him to make something for you (dont worry just say you read my blog and he will give you at a discounted price lol), his email address is: Amusatkolade96@gmail.com

 Soooooo..Unto the exciting part, *grins widely*  In the season of love and courtesy of kols_tailor, a very cute baseball shirt (unisex of course) will be given away to one lucky person (sorry this is only for readers in Nigeria *covers face*)and what you have to do is too easy, exciting right? I know! You know I'm nice like that..
All you have to do is write in nothing less than 30 words a creative piece about a 'SHIRT' in the comment section and the person with the most creative and impressive piece will be chosen as the winner
Sounds lame huh? lol it won't be so lame when you're looking good in that shirt..i think it's about time i read while you write So, channel out your inner John Grisham and start Writing!
Don't forget to keep checking the blog just in case you're the lucky person and also tell a friend to tell a friend ;)
I love you too much..xoxo
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