Positivity or Negativity?

Hello beautiful people
How y'all doing? I know it's another Monday but I hope you tried to have enough fun throughout the weekend to last you for the week? I tried too.
So I've been experiencing a little of what you call 'writer's block', for those who don't know, this is a situation whereby a writer is basically 'blank' or doesn't know how to portray an idea in writing (you can Google it for more information). Anyway, after cracking my brain and hitting my head on the wall, (you know I did no such thing*wink*) I finally got something,hallelujah somebody? Amen.
First of all I want you to say to yourself that "i choose positivity today" (no jokes,say it :|)
Having said that, let's move on.
Positivity and negativity are two main choices we deal with everyday and in almost everywhere we find ourselves. Now whichever one we pick goes a long way in shaping how we think and our attitude towards life in general. Let me shed more light on that. We all know that negativity is never a comfortable choice so how do you deal with it?
When dealing with people who are constantly negative, you need to understand them,don't be so quick to judge because In the end you'll only realize that they're just looking for someone to listen to them or a shoulder to cry on as the case may be. You'll also realize that negativity is sometimes a comfort zone for some people because they've been around that kind of environment for a very long time and so, seeing the good in every situation seems strange and weird to them and they will stop at nothing to make you like them. So just listen with empathy.
Another thing to note when dealing with negative people is to be brief and not waste time with them especially if you're one to give in to pressure easily. You'll realize that the more you pay attention to them,the more they thrive in the negative field. They crave for attention and by the time you become "besties" with them, you'll soon find yourself thinking like them.
As a historian, I'll do the honours of schooling you a little. In the colonial era, the British and French colonial masters used two main policies to rule the colonies; policy of assimilation and policy of association.
The assimilation policy was what the French masters used and it entails that once you adopt the language,culture and all other things that make up the French people,you automatically become a Frenchman.
The policy of association on the other hand was used by the British people and it entails that relations could be preserved without the culture of one permeating or disturbing the other,so therefore they could exist independently.
What does this have to do with what I'm saying? When dealing with negative people,you do NOT need to adopt their vibe because this will only put you in a very difficult position which won't be easy to get out of. Adopting their vibe will only happen if you don't keep things brief,I'm not saying you should be mean or shun them,just apply wisdom.
However,when you have your own values and you're able to draw the line and speak up when it seems like it's been tampered with, i can confidently tell you that you're okay.
When dealing with negative people,you need to learn how to focus on positivity no matter how discouraged you are. You need to do what makes you happy and don't let someone else control how you feel.
Sometimes,it's just a test to see how positive you can be,so do not under any circumstance lose your cool and try not to take it too personally.
"It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts." 
Dr Robert .H. Schuller

Sources: www.thinksimplenow.com

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