Hi guys, How was your night? I hope you slept well?trust you did.
Anyway so it was brought to my attention yesterday that a lot of people were not able to put their comments on the last post, I really want to apologise for that because honestly I can't seem to understand why that happened. So please as regards the giveaway you can drop your comments below this post so that I'll be able to pick the winner but also I'll like to say that if you don't have a gmail account, you can choose other options to comment and then you hit the publish button, you should also know that your comment has to be moderated before it can be viewed so you might not see it immediately you post it but it'll show eventually,you just have to be patient. Please follow the steps below;
Don't forget all you have to do is write in nothing less than 30 words,a creative piece about a 'shirt' and that baseball shirt courtesy of kols_tailor (if you dont know who that is,read the last post)is yours ;)
I'd also want to use this opportunity to wish a good friend of mine and an ardent reader of this blog a happy birthday...Happy birthday Chris.
Now let's start writing, shall we?


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