Hello February

Hey guys,
Good morning and happy New month!
Welcome to the month of love♡♡♡♡ ;)
Thank God for sparing our lives to see yet another month in 2016, let's bear in our minds that not everybody who saw January are still standing today,are you better than them? The answer is No! It's just the grace of God that has kept us till this very moment and for that we are grateful.
For some of us January was awfully long and didn't eventually go as planned,well I'm happy to inform you that because this is a leap year, we're leaping into everything good and so there's no cause for alarm.
I'm particularly happy because God has started something great already in my life this month and I'm sure it'll extend to each one of you.

You just make sure you do what makes you happy, dont involve yourself in any pettiness(you're way better than that),don't stop believing that the lines have already fallen for you in pleasant places,fall in love,eat well,and just have fun!
Enjoy the rest of your week and don't forget that I love you too much..xoxo


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