Thank you

Hello lovelies,
How was your weekend? I hope Valentine's day was good for you? Mine was utterly tiring,annoying and BORING! Someone should please remind me never to go out In calabar during any festive season,the whole place was literally swarming with human beings in red and white, and please where was the fashion police when we needed them??
Anyway I hoped you liked my love letter to you guys ;) a lot of people thought I was refering to one special somebody and I'm like what??? When I wrote that piece,I was thinking about all of you and if you read it well you'll realise that. You guys really rock! Just this morning I realised I got 3000 pageviews already,I mean what a way to start the week. If I could,I'd write little love notes to you guys everyday (you know only you people can see my mushy side) just to show you how much you guys mean to me.
I will never stop saying thank you because you guys are the reason I do this, so thank you for pushing me,for believing in me,for reading even when you don't want to (I actually have to beg some people to read,you know yourselves) thank you for all your comments and just for everything.
On a more serious note, How come nobody got me cupcakes and choclates? Am I that mean :(  I'm still hopeful sha,I know you love me :*
Now let's get this pageviews to 10k shall we?
Have a blessed and productive week


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