Happy New Month Fam! 

Welcome to the month of double grace, May we continue to experience grace everyday of our lives.

It was real quiet here last week, but I hope you caught up with all the posts till date because we're moving forward from this week!

For today's post, we're taking stock, I know you were probably expecting a #mondayinspiration post, but not to worry there are many more of those coming your way. For today, let's get personal a bit and chat a little. Shall we?

Here goes...

Wondering: How september went by so fast! Honestly, I can't believe we're just two months away from the end of the year.

Reading: 'sans famille' one of my french literature books. It means 'without a family', it's about a young boy who had to move from one family to the other. Pretty emotional and interesting.

Watching: Prison break from the very beginning. How come nobody told me about that series? It's so interesting and addictive, ugh! 

Drinking: 'Solo' Coke, that bigger boy is too much for me.

Enjoying: The public holiday, better sleep this afternoon.

Listening to: 'Most High' by Nosa and Pastor Nath. (I need new gospel songs please, recommendations?)

Wearing: My unilorin t-shirt, yes yes, I'm repping my school today.

Hoping and Praying: Abba will do that which only him can do in this month.

Thinking: of doing another giveaway, God willing.

Wondering: how that ideal guy won in the voice, I mean he's a good singer but there were better options. That show was a joke!

Knowing: That a new new Nigeria is emerging very soon. We only need to believe and pray.

Wishing: That I can chew very well now, I'm still swallowing almost everything. It's sad

Still Marvelling: At how intentional God is! See ehn, everything that he does or doesn't do is not by mistake. 

Fascinated: by how amazing 'Girl boss' was! If you haven't read my post on it, you should!

Feeling: Very hopeful.

There you go guys!

Over to you...

What are you fascinated by? I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section.

Have a beautiful week ahead!



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