PORTABLE DIARIES: 4 kinds of People Who Approach Me

So if you're a portable person or a friend of a really smallish person, then you will be able to relate with this post. If you haven't read any of my portable diaries before, you can check here

Having said that, how are you guys doing?
Last day in the month of January right?? The year has started flying again, I just hope we are all doing our best to acheive our set goals.
This post is really just something to make you smile and relax so I do hope you enjoy it.

As a portable person, I have come to realize that there are certain categories of people who approach me, and I also realized that each person has their own assumption of my age and what not.

These are the four categories of people who normally approach a portable person;

1) The Ones Who Think You're Way Younger Than You Really Are: I go to some places and some people look at me and even attempt to treat me like I'm 12 or even less ( okay I'm exaggerating πŸ˜†). While I was serving, I got looks that was as if I wasn't fit to be where the 'old' people were and so many times I was almost forced to shout "How old do you think I am?!" Most times it's just always funny to me because when I catch them staring, they immediately remove their eyes. No liver at allπŸ˜‚.

2) The Ones Who Think That You're Way Older Than You Really Are: I remember the day of my matriculation, two guys beside me we're talking about me but probably thought I couldn't hear. The first one told the other that how can someone this small also be matriculating, and then they went on and on trying to guess my age until the second guy said "better let's keep quiet she can be 26 like that" I laughed ehnπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I have gone to places too where people just assume that I'm old and maybe I have health issues and that's why I'm small  and so they don't want me to feel bad hence, a lot of respect is involved. Me I like these people sha😊( no jokes someone actually asked me if I have medical issues)πŸ˜†.
Well this is to correct whatever wrong notion you have about my age, I'm not 27 or 30 as you think, if you want to know my age, feel free to contact me, you know a lady does not say her age in public😊😊.

3) The Ones Who Can't Figure Out Whether You're A Child Or An Adult: You can't blame them really, but when someone actually comes up to ask you whether you're an adult or a child then you begin to wonder where some people kept their head. A lady legit asked me which one I was and my people I thought it was a joke o, until I realized I was really supposed to answer that million dollar question. πŸ˜†
Anyway I told her I didn't know too and she would have to figure that one out on her own, Abi?

4) The Ones Who Simply Don't Care And Just Go With The Flow: You would think Majority of my friends will fall in this categories but na lie! πŸ˜‚ They either fall in 1 or 3. These guys though are the real MVP's, (I mean the fourth category incase you were confused). They might have a lot of questions but at that moment they forget all about it and just roll with you no questions asked or weird glances. Quite a number of people I have met fall here too and that's wonderful.

Make no mistake, all four categories are important and I absolutely love them because they all give me a reason to smile and laugh really hard sometimes. Also if not for them, where will I get stories to write about?  You guys rock!

Over to You...

What number do you fall in? Don't lie😊 (especially if you've met me before) I would love to know.

P.s: Did you like this post? Would you love to see more of this?



  1. I'll probably be a number 1 πŸ˜…

    1. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you're mean.
      Thanks for reading Pelumi😚

  2. 4) The Ones Who Simply Don't Care And
    Just Go With The Flow :
    nice one sis

  3. Portable girl problems, I can totally relate. Most people tend to think that I'm way younger than my age. During my service year, I overhead a few who confidently said that they were certain I was not even up to 19 or even 20. I probably swore an affidavit to get into the university and other stuff like that.
    I don't even blame them, I don't even dress my age most times and I guess it because I hardly ever wear make up so it's also a contributing factor.
    I really enjoyed reading this post. I'm coming back for more posts in this series.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Lol this is so relatable! I also don't wear makeup, so i guess it also contrubutes like you said. Don't worry, more posts coming up😊 thanks for reading hunπŸ’•


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