10 Tv Series You Should See

It's the weekend baby! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Technically my own weekend started from wednesday but nevertheless, I'm still happy...ish, I have classes tomorrow😒.
Anyway, how was your week? Productive I hope?
So if you know me well, you would know that I looove movies, more importantly, I love series and since you guys are a huge part of my life, I've decided to let you guys into my world of tv series- my top 10 actually. I am postitive you would like them.
So here are 10 Tv series you should get busy with this weekend;
10) Daredevil: This is a Netflix Original series. It explores the life of Matt Murdock who is an attorney by day and a vigilante by night. He was blinded in an accident as a child and he uses his heightened senses as daredevil to fight crime on the streets of New York after the sun goes down. Ladies, picture a cute, sexy guy, well he's blind but he can see in other ways πŸ˜‰ definitely a must watch!

9) Blindspot: When a beautiful woman with no memory of who she is and how she got there is discovered at time's square, the case is quickly assigned to Kurt Weller whose name is also tattooed on her back. With each tattoo, they discover that they are solving crimes and getting closer to knowing who Jane Doe really is.

8) The Flash: Struck by lightning casused by the explosion of the particle accelerator, Barry Allen wakes up with the power of superspeed, when he realized that some others who gained powers as well now use it for evil, he dedicates himself to protect the innocent while still trying to figure out the mystery behind his mother's death.

7) Jane The Virgin: Jane has her whole life planned before her, teaching job and a handsome detective fiancΓ© who supports her decison to remain a virgin until marriage. As a daughter of a team mom, she vows not to make the same mistake until she was artificially inseminated with her boss's sperm??? I love this series because it's funny and it explains how life can take another turn and how we just have to get through it.

6) Quantico: This series is sizzling hot at the moment πŸ™Œ with the suspense and everything. It basically explores the lives young FBI recruits who have gone to the Quantico base in virginia for 21 weeeks of training to become special agents. Each one of them has secrets including hidden reasons for enlisting. These secrets lead to the mastermind of the biggest and most deadly attacks on the U.S since 9/11. Are you still contemplating watching it?

5) Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I am a sucker for humour and comedy which is why I love this particular show. A very talented and carefree detective who didnt think it was necessary to take things seriously is forced to have a rethink as a there's a new commanding officer in the 99th precinct.

 4) The Vampire Diaries: So since Ian Somerhalder (Damon ) decided to get married, I've been pissed at him but even at that, I am a die-hard Damon fan. Who doesn't love witty, cute and hot man like that? Yeah,yeah Tvd isn't all about him, there's Stefan too and a whole bunch of other mystic fall junkies. Two hot vampire brothers trying to get their lives together through love, betrayal and a lot of other things.

3) Scorpion: This movie is a film about geniuses and for geniuses..Okay I'm kidding. Walter O' Brien a genius with a with a 194 IQ leads a group of other geniuses who now constitute homeland's security think tank, helping to defend against threats. As the team members struggle with understanding the life outside their circle, they rely on Paige Dineen, a woman with a gifted son when they need help translating societal clues.

2) Black-ish: This is one of my faves!  It is downright hilarious and also a movie with depth. Anthony Anderson (Dre) brings his A game to this series. Dre has it all, beautiful wife Rainbow, their four kids and living in a fancy neighbourhood. As a black man, he begins to question whether all his success has brought too much cultural assimilation and so he tries to create a sense of ethnic identity for the members of his family that will allow them honor their background.

1) Game of Thrones: Winter has come! It took a lot of will For me to start seeing this series, but when I finally did, I was stucked on it *in falz's voice* I had to learn the hard way not to get attached to any character but the series is πŸ’―. I haven't started the new season yet but as long as i know that my beloved Kit Harrington (Jon snow) is alive, I'm good.  2 powerful families, kings and queens, Knights and renegades playing a deadly game for the control of the seven kingdom of westeros and to sit on top of the iron throne...All men must die!

So what do you think of my Top 10 series? And which other series would you recommend for me? I'm kind of running out of options already, please let me know in the comment sectionπŸ™

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  1. Game of thrones all the way babes!!������ I don't really understand daredevil, it's been sitting on my laptop since forever��

    1. I know right😊😊 daredevil is cool too what kept me going was the guy's cute faceπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ you should see it.

    2. I know right😊😊 daredevil is cool too what kept me going was the guy's cute faceπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ you should see it.

  2. The Originals should make the list, I'll scrap vampire diaries. I haven't seen black-ish tho. The list is legit btw

    1. Yeah I agree, the only reason I didnt put it was because i stopped halfway, I love Elijah😍...you should definitely see blackish


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