5 Things You Owe Yourself

Hey Guys!

How was the weekend? Wonderful I’m sure. Mine was bittersweet; I had a swell time watching snaps and Instastories of bloggers who attended the Lagos edition of the Bloggerpoint’s Brunch, the team really did a good work of bringing so many bloggers together, I’m literally counting down to the Abuja edition. The sad part of my weekend was that there was no light throughout! All my gadgets were out and it was frustrating, but I came up with some amazing ideas while I was lying on my bed with nothing to do and I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

Now enough about me…

For those who are participating in the Self Love Challenge, we are now officially in the final stage-the growth stage! Whohoo! I can’t wait to blog about my experience after the challenge, so hang in there guys and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check Here

The last Monday inspiration post was about the things you owe nobody, (you can catch up Here) today’s post is about things you owe yourself and I put together five (5) things, if you have other views and points please let me know in the comment section.

Here goes,

Happiness: You owe yourself the right to be happy. It doesn’t matter whether things are not going the way you planned, remember that it could be worse, and that there are people who are actually going through those worse situations. So let go, be grateful and be happy. Marc Chernoff said “Worry will not drain tomorrow of its troubles, it will merely drain you of your strength today…” So why not quit worrying and choose happiness, you owe yourself that much.

Subtracting What Doesn’t Belong In Your Life: Part of the requirements for the growth stage in the self love challenge, is to surround yourself with things and people who encourage you and not otherwise. You owe yourself the right to remove toxic substances from your life. This might be a bit difficult because most times, we have become so accustomed to these things that we actually think they are good for us, they’re not as a matter of fact, they’re harmful and must be removed. Don’t forget that letting go of what isn’t working for you is making way for what will.

Making Your Life Your Own: It’s your life and it’s your rules. You owe yourself the right to make your life your own and that includes making decisions that will benefit you and help in maximizing your potential. Remember that you only live once. However let’s not forget that “wisdom is profitable to direct…” Apply wisdom in making decisions.

Making Your Passion a Priority: Without passion, it is impossible to progress in life. You owe yourself the right to go after what you want and make it your priority. To be successful in life, you need to be productive and to be productive; you need the zeal and passion to do what you love. If you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.

Being Yourself: I saw this somewhere “Be who you are, say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” You owe yourself the right to be you! Don’t change for anybody. Part of the result we expect from the self love challenge is to love yourself enough that you value your own opinion more than others’. Being you entails that you do what you want, say what you feel without feeling like your opinion isn’t good enough. You have to trust your instinct and thrive in your individuality.

Over to you,

What other things do you think we owe ourselves? Which of the things on the list has helped you live a more purposeful life? I would love to know. 



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