Ayeeee! It's August alreadyπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ is it me or did July go by really fast? Whichever way it's my birthday month, actually my birthday is in 6 days! Yes you can tell I am excited, I mean it's not everyday a girl turns twenty-two right? It is also the month of my Self Love Challenge! Yaay! (Details below)

Basically this post is a recap of the lessons I learned from my experiences in July and to dish out tips to gear you up for this amazing month of August.

The month of July as I said, went by sooo fast before i could even pinpoint anything that happened but, I do remember that I was very stressed as I had to Juggle between different things at the same time! My brain was literally on shut down mode at some point; nothing was entering and nothing was coming but yet i had several deadlines to meet up with.
If there's anything I learned in the month of July, it is to remain calm, be patient and to keep pushing because the pain of today can  NOT be compared to the Joy of tomorrow. The more you keep reminding yourself of this, the less difficult things will be for you.
Part of the things that made me keep pushing was the positive feedbacks I got from you guys, you guys rock! A friend of mine commended my consistency and honestly that warmed my heart so much. So keep them coming guys, it is very much appreciated 😊

Now August is a month of New beginnings, the month to start afresh incase you got it wrong the first time. January to July might not have been too "great" but August is here now for you to open a clean slate and right your wrongs. We have just a few months left in the year, so don't let it be that 2016 was just another year that "went by". We are in control of how we think and act, it is important that we put that into good use.
July also taught me that Life is very short. We lost two corpers here in Calabar; a guy and a lady and they were young, 23 and 24 respectively. Some of us are not even up to that while some of us are more than that and yet we are living life in a very carefree way with nothing concrete to show for it. It could be be anybody, death doesn't make any announcement before it strikes. As youths, we are in our prime and there's no better time to achieve and enjoy all the things we want than now. It is my prayer that we won't die in our prime.

In this month of August, aim to achieve at least one thing (could even be discovering yourself more by Joining me on the self love challengeπŸ˜‰) Don't wait around killing time because time is actually the one killing you so do something!


I talked about doing a self love challenge in this post , and I said that Self Love is the key to everything, my opinion hasn't changed since then. As I said in the our Girlschat series last week, charity begins at home and by home I mean you. Some of the negativity we see hanging around us are as a result of things we say to ourselves and how we see ourselves and this needs to change. This isn't about being narcissistic, it's about loving yourself as you are now, understanding that no matter how "flawed" others think you are, you are not going to change for anybody, it's about getting rid of toxins in form of friends, acquitances, books and everything that is not allowing you to maximise your full potential.
So for 30 days I will be doing this challenge, you're welcome to join me as well. I will put up the full details on the blog tomorrow, please do check it out.

I hope you gained one or two things from this post? Please share and leave a comment you know I love hearing from you❤

Have a lovely week ahead.


  1. Thank goodness I'm not the only one that thought July went by fast and tell me all about deadlines!
    Anyway, happy birthday in advance!

    1. You know this! Thanks for reading and thanks for the wishes 😚😚😚

  2. Thanks love😚😚

  3. Happy new month, we are blessed. www.nairatrace.com

    1. Amen! I wish you the same. Thanks for stopping by Malik☺

  4. I'm looking forward to your post on the Self love challenge oh. Really going to be cool. And yes, July was faast!
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Coming right up love😚😚 thanks for reading

    2. Coming right up love😚😚 thanks for reading


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